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A way to fix cannoning and optimize other things for factions

Today I am releasing my cannoning jar fixes. These options of jars are working smooth when I tested. This is a cheap solution to fix cannoning. These offer 2 types of jar's & configs for 1.8.8. These are good for factions, but also offer skyblock & survival optimizations.


( Want yours here? Message me )
- EnchantsMC ( 500+ on releases )
- MineSharp ( ~220 on release )

140 Stacker Test -

More Cannons soon!

Jars credits, Devs made and developed the plugin, custom config values are my own and are optimized for cannoning & factions.

Paperspigot ( Link )
TacoSpigot ( Link )

If you have any issues please contact me.

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Latest updates

  1. 2.0 Revamp

    + New Resource Ownership + Graphics applied + Checked for bugs + Updated screenshots

Latest reviews

No longer works players tested 140 stacker on my server before release and failed to work.
Server version?
120 Stacker blew up and was very laggy when I shot cannons aswell.
Please provide proof of this so I can get it fixed, if it truly is an issue as I have not heard of this before.
Works 100% flawlessly
This is not a JAR but is the config files for the people who are confused. This still works amazing. If you buy this and it does not fix cannons its a PLUGIN issue not the configs
Thank you! <3
This is the best out there for this price is amazing aswell fixed all my problems and the smoothness of cannoning is as said great plugin would recommend buying this!!!
Best Factions Cannoning jar out there for the price.
Friendly Guy. 100% recommend this plugin.
Hq resource, works as expected. +vouch
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