Gem Mine 0.0.1

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Second economy and custom mining system
  1. Skript
Gem Mine
Gem mining is a custom system where players can buy gem miners to gain gems. The gems can be used as a second economy.

This is all GUI based and has some presets for ranks, items, and all that. It also has the gem placeholder for scoreboards, to use this I believe you need MVDW Placeholder API and use the placeholder "{gems:%player%:balance}". Gem mines go off once an hour and players can only claim their mined gems once they have a full gem. These mines run 24/7 meaning players get gems while online or offline.

I most likely will make this easier to use in the near future.

*Note* This is a skript from my old server, you can use it all you want but it's kind of hard to edit.

Support Discord: I also post other resources here
*Note* I can help you figure it out, or make you a custom setup for free/cheap.
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