StockMarket // Buy shares // (crypto) currencies // real world values | RELEASE SALE 50% 1.0.4

Buy Bitcoins, Sell Apple Shares - follow the market - in Minecraft!
DEPENDENCY: Vault for money!

Buy Shares from the Share Market.
Buy Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Let your users predict the Stock Market!
-> Real data from the real world!

How to buy?

Simply setup a sign, execute a command (/sta setsign buy <symbol> [optional fee in %]) - done!
You can even specify fees.

How does it work?


Using Yahoo Finance, we get the value of a share, a currency (Like Apple, Oil, Bitcoin, USD, Euro). The value might be delayed up to 15 minutes due to Yahoo's limitations.

With /portfolio, you can see your current shares/currencies!

How to use it?


Look at the signs and execute the commands!
/stockadmin or /stocka or /sta or /sa
Permission: stockmarket.stockadmin

• /sta setsign display <symbol>
The first one is a "display" sign. Display signs only display the market value - you cannot buy or sell anything here - it updates though!
Parameters: %price%

• /sta setsign buy <symbol> [optional fee in %]
The second one is the "buy" sign. Buy signs are used for buying. The fee is added to the price.
Parameters: %price%, %fee%

• /sta setsign sell <symbol> [optional fee in %]
/sta setsign sell <symbol> [optional fee in %]
The second one is the "sell" sign. Sell signs are used for selling. The fee is subtracted from the revenue.
Parameters: %price%, %fee%


lang.yml: Anything shown to the user can be edited! 100% configurability
A "symbol" is the ID of a share. For Apple, it's AAPL. For Microsoft, it's MSFT. For Bitcoin, it's BTC-USD
# Prefix
prfx: '&l[&e&lStockMarket&r&l]&7'
not_enough_money: '%prfx% &cYou do not have enough money.'
not_enough_shares: '%prfx% &cYou do not have enough shares of %symbol%.'
stock_does_not_exist: '%prfx% &cThe stock %symbol% does not exist.'
player_not_found: '%prfx% &cThe player %player% is not online!'
not_a_number: '%prfx% &cEntered number %num% is invalid!'
no_permissions: '%prfx% &cYou are not permitted to use this command!'

# When a user clicks a buy sign
  - ' '
  - '➤ &e&lBUYING: &6&l%symbol%'
  - ' '
  - '  &9Price/Unit: &3%unit_price%$ &7- &9Buying&7: &3%share_amount%x &7- &9Price&7: &3%share_amount_price%$'
  - '  &9Currently having&7: &3%having_amount%x &9of &3%symbol% &7- &9Current Money&7: &3%money%$'
  # You need %NUMBERS% so the player has an interactable field!
  # Nothing else can go in this line
  - ' '
  - '%NUMBERS%'
  - ' '
  # You need a %BUYFIELD% so the player can verify his purchase
  # Nothing else can go in this line
  - '%BUYFIELD%'
  - ' '
# Design %NUMBERS%
buy_share_prefix: '  '
buy_share_add: '&7[&a+%value%&7]'
buy_share_subtract: '&7[&c-%value%&7]'
buy_share_splitter: '  '
# %NUMBERS% is formatted like this: buy_share_prefix + buy_share_splitter + buy_share_subtract + buy_share_splitter
# + buy_share_subtract + buy_share_splitter + ... + buy_share_splitter + buy_share_add + ... + buy_share_add

# What's displayed inside of %BUYFIELD%
buyfield_content: '  &b&l>> BUY <<'
really_buy: '%prfx% &b&lCLICK HERE &9to complete buying &3%amount%x &3%symbol% &9for &3%price%$'
bought_shares: '%prfx% &9You successfully purchased &3%amount%x &3%symbol% &9for &3%price%$'

# When a user clicks a sell sign
  - ' '
  - '➤ &e&lSELLING: &6&l%symbol%'
  - ' '
  - '  &9Price/Unit: &3%unit_price%$ &7- &9Selling&7: &3%share_amount%x &7- &9Price&7: &3%share_amount_price%$'
  - '  &9Currently having&7: &3%having_amount%x &9of &3%symbol% &7- &9Current Money&7: &3%money%$'
  - ' '
  # You need %NUMBERS% so the player has an interactable field!
  # Nothing else can go in this line
  - '%NUMBERS%'
  - ' '
  # You need a %SELLFIELD% so the player can verify his purchase
  # Nothing else can go in this line
  - ' '
# Design %NUMBERS%
sell_share_prefix: '  '
sell_share_add: '&7[&a+%value%&7]'
sell_share_subtract: '&7[&c-%value%&7]'
sell_share_splitter: '  '
# %NUMBERS% is formatted like this: sell_share_prefix + sell_share_splitter + sell_share_subtract + sell_share_splitter
# + sell_share_subtract + sell_share_splitter + ... + sell_share_splitter + sell_share_add + ... + sell_share_add

# What's displayed inside of %SELLFIELD%
sellfield_content: '  &b&l>> SELL <<'
really_sell: '%prfx% &b&lCLICK HERE &9to complete selling &3%amount%x &3%symbol% &9for &3%price%$'
sold_shares: '%prfx% &9You successfully sold &3%amount%x &3%symbol% &9for &3%price%$'

  - ' '
  - '➤ &e&lPortfolio of &6&l%name%'
  - ' '
  - '&9Money: &3%money%'
  - '&9Shares: %shares%'
  - ' '

portfolio_share_design: '&9%symbol%: &3%amount%x&7»&3%price%\$'
portfolio_share_splitter: ' '
stock_markets.yml: Here, you can add as many currencies or stocks as you want!
A list of possible values is below. You can get even more options from the list under the config section.
Or: Browse the

Is the value of Bitcoin, currently about 8000USD, too high for your server?
There's a stock_multiplier! If you set it to for example: 0.5, all actual, real world values are multiplied by 0.5. If Bitcoin is 8000USD, in-game, it's now 4000USD. You can also set it to 2.5 and it would be 20000USD.
# Every fetched value from the internet will be multiplied by this
# If the stock_multiplier is 0.5 and the value of a share is 6000,
# the in-game value is going to be 3000
stock_multiplier: 1.0

  # Intel
  - 'INTC'

  # Apple
  - 'AAPL'

  # Microsoft
  - 'MSFT'

  # Oil
  - 'CL=F'

  # BTC/USD -> How much one Bitcoin is worth in USd
  - 'BTCUSD=X'

  # EUR/USD -> How much is one Euro worth in USD
  - 'EURUSD=X'

List of possible currency/share symbols:

You can look them up on the Yahoo lookup page (click me)

You need to add them to "stock_markets.yml" before using them in-game!

Popular values:

Apple: AAPL
Microsoft: MSFT
Intel: INTC
Twitter: TWTR
Google: GOOG
Oil: CL=F

Bitcoin: BTC-USD
Euro worth in USD: EURUSD=X

Upcoming features:

  • Sell shares/currencies to other players DONE! Use /paystock or /ps
  • View development of a currency/share
  • Give me ideas in the discussion!
Get the plugin as long as it's in sale!

Any issues? Questions? Please go to the discussion

You love the plugin?
Please leave a 5-star rating! It means a lot to me.

Latest updates

  1. Players can transfer Shares / e.g. Send Bitcoins to other players!

    Added /paystock (Alias: /ps) Usage: /ps <player> <symbol> <amount> Example: /ps Mylogo BTC-USD...
  2. Added default buy/sell/display signs

    Tired of typing what's on your sign? Easy! Just type nothing at all. If you leave a sign empty...
  3. Minified error message

    Whenever your server cannot reach the Yahoo Finance servers, you will be noticed. The message...



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