+160 Custom Tags (DeluxeTags) | Customize your Server Tags v0.3

➜ Customize your Serve Tags with this exclusive DeluxeTags config made by JosGCS.

Hey, are you looking to customize your server tags with an exclusive style? So, this is your resource. In this Resource you can find more than 160 Custom Tags to use in your DeluxeTags configuration to make your server more unique.

After purchasing this resource, i will provide you some plugins (Essentials, Vault and more...), the configuration file to use in your server and a 'README!' file. The Readme file will introduce you to ensure of some requirements to use this resource successfully.


These are all the features that this resource has to offer:

✔ 160x Tags ➤ There are a large amount of tags, that you can sell these or put them in your crates as a possible reward.
✔ 3 Color Schemes ➤ Now you can choose between 3 different color schemes to use in your server and make it more beautiful.


These are all the available color schemes that you can use to customize a little bit more your server:


Do you want a custom & unique configuration for your Server? Send me a message on discord or send me a PM at my MC-Market profile and I will edit them for free as long as I have sufficient time available to complete your request.

If you need any support, have a suggestion or you have a custom request, send a message in my MC-Market profile and i will get in touch to you quickly.

Follow this quick tutorial.
1. ➤ Open the config file.
2. ➤ Press the icon as shown below.
3. ➤ Type in "www.servershop.com" in "Find"
4. ➤ Type in your server shop in "Replace with"
5. ➤ Click the 'Replace All' button.


➜ You can not dispute/chargeback.
➜ You can not share this setup to anyone.
➜ You can not can not claim it as your own.
➜ You can not resell this piece of work or configurations inside it.​

Latest updates

  1. [v0.3] +60 New Custom Tags & 3 New Color Schemes!

    ✦ Update 0.3 ➤ In this update, the following changes were made: +60 New Custom Tags. I added...
  2. [v0.2] +25 New Custom Tags & Full Recode!

    ✦ Update 0.2 ➤ In this update, the following changes were made: +25 New Custom Tags. DeluxeTags...

Latest reviews

Interesting config, had to use Replace All to make sure the space was before the first bracket since I put DeluxeTags as my suffix. They all have that same pattern before-and-after the word in the brackets and some color combination just looks horrible removing easily 20 to 25 tags. Overall it indeed does have 100 tags but you really need to configure them to your liking and the ressource owner only gives 1 version of the config.yml
Thanks for your review, i will try to do it better in the next update!



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