Arctic Theme Warzone/World | 6000x6000 2.0

Snowy themed factions warzone, 6000x6000 size.
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This is a NORMAL type world, and it's a blue/white themed snowy warzone which is,
6000x6000. You can use it as a secondary world like it was an End world but it is a NORMAL type world for the theme. Keep in mind this is a WORLD, not a schematic.
EVERYTHING in this world is CUSTOM.

It was made with Factions in mind:
It has Flat Bedrock, and a thin layer of Snow at a Y level of 31 to make base building easier if you don't have chunkbusters, and the warzone isn't to cluttered. There is no land outside the border, just void. This helps prevent any glitching.

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WorldBorder Commands:
1.8 Border: /worldborder set 6144
1.7 WorldBorder Plugin: /wb set 3072

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed World Type To Be End

    Simply delete your old world_the_end and place this into it and restart the server!
  2. Reduced Price

    Lowered the price to a more reasonable amount.
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