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A highly advanced and stable AAC config solution for your server.
Do you constantly have issues with AAC being too strict to legitimate users and wish for a solution to solve this problem? This is probably why you're here. Our comprehensive and advanced configurations help solve these problems, bringing you high quality configurations, which include very accurate threshold ladders, extra verbose information, and much more.

Most AAC configurations out there solve these issues aswell, but they can come at a cost. They can demand many of your server's resources, can CAUSE more problems than solve, and can cost almost as much as the anticheat itself! We aim to help eradicate all of these problems.

Why do I need this?
Many of servers utilizing AAC have issues and complaints about false punishments and multiple lagback issues relating to AAC’s movement and lag handlers. With our configurations, we can fix all of those issues with laggy players, AND normal lagback caused by flaws in AAC’s system, while also catching those hackers much much faster than with AAC’s default configuration.

False-Kick Reduction - Any and all checks that are known to constantly false kick or lag-back have been completely tweaked to assure that these incidences don't happen. Though Ping an TPS issues can cause issues, legitimate users with good ping can also flag, but we have fixed those issues as well, so your players can play on your server with no restrictions.

Strict Thresholds - Each check that have a possibility of false lag-back or kicking has been configured in a way that will not allow certain commands and punishments to be executed without certain conditions pointing to 'true'. If any players have certain attributes that can possible cause harm, AAC will be more lenient and will make sure that normal players are safe from false kicking.

Reliable - Though each check has conditions, all checks will not allow bypasses to be made with famous exploits such as "PingSpoof", as the thresholds do not continue on continually and will not be susceptible to open advantages.

Optimized - This may sound like alot for your server to handle, but trust us when we say that you will not run into any problems with your server while using this configuration. Any checks that do not need conditions will be skipped and any processes that could cause issues have been fixed. If you do see issues, we fix it immediately, and give you a certain amount of your payment back, guarenteed.

Experience - We are completely experienced with this field, and have modified each and every check in the configuration in a way that won't cause more harm than good on your server.

Support - We provide fast support, responding to users within 24 hours, guaranteed! We are professional and friendly to our customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an issue.

Lifetime Updates - You do not have to pay for each update. Once purchased, you have a lifetime of support, and any new updates are completely free of charge.

Price - The price is fairly cheap for the configuration's quality, and won't go much higher at all. We take pride in making our customers happy and won't demand any extra payments.

- Latest AAC version
- ConditionalCommands
- 18 TPS or above

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  1. You may not leak or redistribute this product.
  2. You may not claim this product as your own.
  3. You may not give this to any user who has not purchased this product. (Excluding co-workers and/or developers that work for your server)
  4. If you are under 18 years old please ask your parent or guardian in order to make a purchase.
  5. Any chargeback and/or unpermitted refunds are strictly forbidden without mine or MC-Market’s permission.
  6. You may not leave a negative review without previously contacting me in regards to your issues.
  7. I am not responsible for any errors made by you while using this product.
*Any Beta builds are not guaranteed to work correctly without issues. If you encounter any, make sure to report it immediately. If you are unsure of whether this configuration is compatible with your server, contact us and we’ll determine what is right for you.*

Test Server:
Not at the moment, but soon.

Contact Info:
Discord: Markings#4738
Email: [email protected]
Conversation: http://www.mc-market.org/conversations/add?to=realCorrupted

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Please do not report any Bugs or Complaints in the review section! These will be ignored! Please message me on Discord or Email me for Suggestions and Bugs!

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  1. Fixes and Improvements

    Update Changelog: - Fixed the HitBox check occasionally flagging for Reach. - Fixed Speed false...
  2. Simple Typo Fixed

    As the title says, just some small typos fixed.



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