[1.8.8] [IceWands] Support with SavageFactions and FactionsUUID! V1.1.4

Melt ice in an area with a simple wand!
IceWands is simple plugin which integrates with FactionUUID/SavageFactions and WorldGuard in order to allow users to easily melt ice on their trays. You can set the size on each of the wands when you give them which allows for easy customisation for different sized wands.

Ice wands is compatible with FactionsUUID, SavageFactions and WorldGuard so if you don't have access to that faction and can't build there you cant melt ice! Simple! Even if you aren't in your claims or you can't build where you're currently stood if you can within your wands range then ice will melt!

Discord server: http://discord.gg/5HZc9uy
My Discord: Smadger#0001

/icewand give [username] [radius]
/icewand reload

icewand.reload - Gives permissions to reload the plugin, applying any changes to config.
icewand.give - Gives permission to give icewands to users.
icewand.use - Gives permissions to use icewands
icewand.updatedConfigNotification - If you have this permission you will be notified of any updates to the configuration.

#The Material you want the wand to be made out of. Please use item names.
wand-type: 'BLAZE_ROD'
#The name of the wand. The variable %size% is the length of one side of the area it will replace. So if your radius was 3 the size will be 7 as the middle block doesn’t count as a part of the radius.
wand-name: '&bIce Melter &a%size%x%size%x%size%!'
#The lore is the text or description that appears below the item name.
- '&cRight click on ice to melt it!'
- '&cA.O.E %size%x%size%x%size%!'
#This will add the Arrow_Infinite enchant and then hide it giving the item have the enchanted glow yet no visible enchants.
wand-enchanted: true
#This will make it you have to right click an ice block to use the wand. If disabled this could cause lag especially with larger areas as
#players could repeatedly search the whole area for ice without there even being any!
have-to-right-click-ice: true
#These are messages which will appear if something goes wrong or works!
#This message will appear when the user doesn't have permission to give the item.
no-permission-give: '&cYou do not do not have permission to give an IceWand!'
#This message will appear when the user doesn't have permission to reload the plugin.
no-permission-reload: '&cYou do not have permission to reload IceWands'
#This message will appear when the user doesn't have permission to use the item.
no-permissions-use: 'You do not have permission to use IceWands!'
#This message will appear to the user who issued the command after a wand was given.
wand-given: '&aSuccess! %user% received wand with a %size%x%size% size!'
#This message will appear upon a successful reload of the config..
successful-reload: '&aSuccess! Config reloaded!'
#This message will appear if have-right-click-ice is true and they right clicked a block which wasn't ice with the wand..
not-ice-block: '&cPlease right click an ice block to use the wand!'
#This message will appear when any command is ran which starts with /icewand and doesn't run anything or come up with any permissions problems.
- '&e-----==&7[&cIcewands Help&7]&e==-----'
- '&a1. /Icewand reload'
- '&a2. /Icewand give <username> <Radius>'
- '&a(For a 3x3x3 radius do 1, 5x5x5 do 2.)'
#This message will appear if the config has been updated and there is another file still in the IceWands plugin file with .yml on the end.
- '&4&lWarning: The IceWands plugin has automatically updated and as a result the config.yml has also been updated.'
- '&aYour old config has been renamed &b%ConfigName% &aplease move over any custom config settings to the new config.yml'
- '&aThis message will &cstop &aappearing once you have removed the old configuration.'
#Invalid size of wand error. This will appear if the size isn't a whole number.
invalid-number: '&cThe value of the wand is invalid. Please make sure it is a whole number!'
Version: '1.2'


Latest updates

  1. Fixed Bug

    = Fixed bug where when a config gets renamed it gets renamed with the current config version and...
  2. Bug Fix

    = Fixed bug were plugin would error upon initial startup. = Fixed bug where errors would occur...
  3. Bug Fix

    Changelog: + Fixed error with receiving a no permissions error when right-clicking even without...



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