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everything you need in a custom enchant plugin
  1. blindness: Gives blind effect
  2. confusion: Gives confusion effect
  3. creeperlaunch: Gives knock-back to creepers only!
  4. misdirect:
  5. poison: Gives poison effect
  6. slayer:damage to surrounding enemies is given at (level / damage-divider) amount
  7. weakening: Gives mining fatigue effect
  8. wither: Gives wither effect
  9. harvester: Automatically pick up sugarcane while harvesting
  10. infusion: Trenching Enchants ( 5x5x5 , 11,11,11 )
  11. decapitation: Chance of getting head drops
  12. experience: Double exp
  13. absorption: Adds extra hearts (used on leggings and chestplate)
  14. saturation: Fills up your hunger bar
  15. waterbreathing: Prevents the oxygen bar from decreasing
  16. fireresistance: Gives immunity to damage from all heat
  17. regeneration: health over time (used on leggings)
  18. speed: Move quickly
  19. strength: Increases melee damage
  20. resistance: Reduces all incoming damage
  21. haste: Increases mining and attack speed
The CustomEnchants Gui contains 12 enchants only
Version: 1.8

"/ce give {player} {enchant} {level}"
"/ce (opens a gui with some of the custom enchants, it can be bought with xp and it can be configed)"

Config Files

default: op
description: Give enchant crystals.
default: op


Proof Of Ownership

i bought this plugin from a developer called risks and he gave me and the other owner the rights to sell the plugins whenever we want and after months i bought defusedpvp from my friend Swever

You agree to these terms once the payment for this resource has been made
You can NOT dispute/chargeback
You can NOT share this product

You can NOT claim this product as yours
You can NOT decompile this product in any way

If you are having any problems you can message me through discord

Latest updates

  1. Balancing enchants

    The regeneration enchant can be put on leggings from now on.
  2. balancing enchants

    I have been getting reports about the enchant absorption since it stacks and being over powered...
  3. Bug fixes

    i have been getting reports about the plugin not working for some reason and its fixed with this...

Latest reviews

Incredible plugin, works flawlessly, and Wolf is very helpful and easy to reach
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