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⚡[1.8-1.15] XCoupons » Create virtual codes and let your users "/redeem <code>" them! Build 30

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  1. Norska
    ⚠️Always use the latest available jar file/configuration. You will not receive support for outdated versions.

    For any questions/assistance, join this discord!

    Basic Overview:
    XCoupons is a plugin that allows server owners to create virtual codes that users can redeem by using the command "/redeem <code>". Upon redemption, any commands you have configured for the code will run via the console for the player that redeemed the coupon. This system can be useful for giveaways (e.g instead of waiting for a player to come online so they can get their rewards, you just create a code for them and they can redeem it whenever they wish).

    Spigot (1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14)

    ✔️ Easily generate random coupon codes.
    ✔️ Add unlimited commands to coupon codes.
    ✔️ Inspect coupons and view detailed information from in-game.
    ✔️ Bind coupon codes to a specific user or multiple users.
    ✔️ Generate coupons in bulk at ease.
    ✔️ Set a specific amount of uses for each coupon code.
    ✔️ Utilize many built-in placeholders for powerful command creation.
    ✔️ Toggle between case-sensitive usage.
    ✔️ Toggle between logging coupon usage or not.
    ✔️ Quickly purge all coupons codes.
    ✔️ Permission-based coupon codes (for MineSync).

    To use /xcp commands, the permission xcoupons.use is required!

    /xcp new <integer/string> // Generate a coupon code with the length of the integer or a name.
    /xcp delete <coupon ID> // Delete a coupon code.
    /xcp addcmd <coupon ID> <command> // Add a command to a coupon.
    /xcp delcmd <coupon ID> <command ID> // Remove a command from a coupon.
    /xcp inspect <coupon ID> // View detailed information about the coupon.
    /xcp secure <coupon ID> <username> // Secure a coupon to a user(s).
    /xcp amount <coupon ID> <integer> // Set the amount of uses for a coupon.
    /xcp copy <coupon ID> <new ID> <integer> // Make bulk copies of exisiting coupons.
    /xcp list // View all of the available coupons.
    /xcp reload // Reload the plugin.
    /xcp version // View the plugin's version.
    /xcp purge // Instantly delete all created coupons.

    Permission Nodes:
    xcoupons.new - Permission to create a new coupon.
    xcoupons.del - Permission to delete coupons.
    xcoupons.addcmd - Permission to add commands to coupons.
    xcoupons.delcmd - Permission to remove commands from coupons.
    xcoupons.inspect - Permission to inspect coupons.
    xcoupons.secure - Permission to secure coupons to users.
    xcoupons.amount - Permission to modify the usage amount of coupons.
    xcoupons.bulk - Permission to create coupons in bulk.
    xcoupons.list - Permission to view all available coupons.
    xcoupons.reload - Permission to reload the plugin.
    xcoupons.version - Permission to view the version of the plugin.

    Placeholders to be used in coupon commands:
    %player% = Returns player name
    %displayname% = Returns player display name
    %x% = Returns X value of the player
    %y% = Returns Y value of the player
    %z% = Returns Z value of the player[/CODE]

    How to manually add coupons:
    You might want to manually create coupon codes directly by editing the coupons file. If you do so, make sure that your server is not running. After you completed editing the coupons file you can freely start your server again.

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Recent Updates

  1. Custom coupon codes
  2. Autosave mute option
  3. Bug fixes, placeholders & more

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    Recommend Plugin. Thanks for Resources!
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    Maddys Optiforce
    Version: 1.0.5-b2
    This plugin is extremely well made, the ammount of features this plugin has is comparable to any other coupons plugin. It is quite lightweight as well.
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      Thanks for your review,

      Soon XCP will have even more features!
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      Thanks for the review :)
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      Thanks for the review!