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StrikePractice Configuration
  1. Plugin config
Hello, I have made a very nice StrikePractice Configuration.
Make sure to give me a feedback and if you want more message me.

This requires StrikePractice plugin!
More styles and colors will be added soon!

Aqua Style ◄
(More Soon)

Terms of Service:

- By purchasing this you agree not to redistribute this plugin.
- I can change the TOS at any time and you will still need to follow it!
- If you chargeback, a scam report will be made! You are not allowed to chargeback!
- You're not allowed to share this with anyone!
- You're not allowed to sell this to anyone!
- You may only use this for 1 server! If you own multiple servers contact me for permission!
- Chargebacks are not permitted.

(The download is only config.yml!)

Latest updates

  1. update

    Hey, Please tell if you want more styles and colors.
  2. update

    Sorry for the delay i had some issues i will add more soon!
  3. Update

    Updated the files due to Issue. sorry!
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