AdBolt 3.1

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In-game Minecraft advertising network

What is it?

AdBolt offers in-game Minecraft advertising. Once you install the AdBolt plugin to your server, you can then visit to sign up for an account. Once you configure your account with the AdBolt plugin, you will start to see advertisements displayed on your server in which you will be paid for. You can then visit the dashboard or type /adstats to see in depth statistics regarding your earnings and server statistics. Once you reach $1, you can withdraw your earnings to PayPal.

How do I earn money?

Unlike many other advertising systems, AdBolt pays publishers based off of impressions. Every time an advertisement runs, which is every 3 minutes, AdBolt counts the amount of players that are online, then adds it to your total impression count. Once you reach $1 in funds, you can then withdraw to PayPal.

Why do I need it?

If you are looking for extra profit, or even looking to help pay for your monthly server bill, AdBolt is perfect for you. Donors still have the ability to donate, but those who do not have the funds or just do not wish to donate are still contributing to keep the server up and running.

How do I get started?

Getting started with AdBolt is very simple. You just need to follow these steps.

1. Download the plugin jar.
2. Place the jar into your server's plugins folder.
3. Restart your server to initialize the plugin.
4. Sign up for a publisher account at
5. Replace the first line of /plugins/adbolt/config.yml with server-id: (found on publisher dashboard)
6. Restart your server again to activate the plugin.
7. Profit.

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Latest updates

  1. AdBolt 3.1 ZIP

    The inability to click links bug has been fixed.
  2. AdBolt 3.0 - Bukkit, BungeeCord, Sponge ZIP

    Added BungeeCord and Sponge plugins in addition to the Bukkit plugin.
  3. AdBolt 3.0

    Minor changes.

Latest reviews

Very good skript ;) I would use it, because i don't have enought to pay always thx <3 Maybe add something, that when donators donate, they don't see ads for 1 month ect
I think my players can see it, we will test it soon and redo the review. :D
Awesome! Send me an email if you have any questions. marplejs(at)
I am using the spigot version on my spigot 1.8.8 and it says in console next ad in 60 seconds. After that nothing pops up. It also only shows up in console and doesn't count for impressions.
Ops cannot see advertisements, other players can.
I think if my server gets a bit bigger i will test it ;)
Put $20 into advertising. Overall an amazing service.
Scam.. Put this on a server of 300-400 players trying to make a quick profit and it said I have reported an illegitimate number of players!
It's not a scam, you just exceeded the player limit. If you still want to use the plugin, feel free to drop us a line at and we may be able to help you!



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