Premium Staff Mode 1.0.0

The most complete plugin for Staff Mode!

Have you ever wanted a staff mode who has everything built? Well, this is the best option you can have, this one includes the most useful tools for an staff (see below the whole list).
  • Teleporter (The compass of worldedit).
  • Random Player TP (Check any player).
  • Vanish (Prevents players to see you).
  • Lock Player (Teleport to a selected player, spy him if you think he's using hacks).
  • Haxer (Spawn around a selected player some NPC to check if the player has killaura, reach).
  • Inv See (As the name says, check the inventory of a selected player).
  • Punish Tool (This is a GUI which helps staff to select the correct punishment).
If you have an external plugin which is a staff tool, you can personalize any item.
The 'tools' said before have a predefined template for a faster use but you can change the name, lore, item and slot location on the hotbar.
[How to use it is explained in the config.yml]

Punish Tool

As we mentioned before, this plugin includes a tool called 'Punish Tool' which is fully configurable, here you can set some 'ban reasons', 'kick reasons' etc.

Inside this part of the configurable, you are also able to set items, "Gui Name" slot of the items, size of the inv; in summary anything.



About the punish Commands

The commands that the plugin should use are also configurable, you are able to set time, reason, command, and any other argument.
The result of this placeholders is also configurable.


Freezing players

This section has some obvious configurations as 'cancelMovent' but I love to make my plugin fully configurable.
Basically here you can set what the player is able to do while frozen.

  • cancel movement
  • hide chat
  • allow chatting
  • ban if the player quit
    • This part also includes a section called 'banConfig' were includes a part to set the command.

About Commands

This plugin just has 4 basic commands, the plugin is really easy to use inside the game, designed for any type of staff.

  • /haxer (Spawns fake npcs around a player to check if he has killaura) Permission Node: Haxer.admin
  • /premiumstaffmode (turns you into the staff mode)
    • I also implemented some aliases to make it easier to use it)
    • /sf and /staffmode
  • /staffchat (We will be talking of this below)
  • /sf reload (This realods the configuration) Permission: PremiumStaffMode.admin.reload

Staff Chat
Permission node:

As I said, this plugin includes a lot of the tools a staff in a server needs, this one is really useful because leaves all your staff be communicated.

In short, terms is a chat between the staff, is really easy to use, the staff only need to execute /staffchat [msg]


The plugin has a file where you can configure any message of the plugin, this is really helpful if you want to translate something.


If you need to execute any command on bungee console use the following plugin:

Status Bar

This plugin includes a lovely and clean status bar (also configurable) which shows you want's is going on with the users.





Freezed players see a message (configurable):

Fake NPC's for hackers:

If you found any bug, please report it, the plugin stills in beta.

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