[ASchem] AutoPrinter - Print directly from your balance! (FactionsUUID, Essentials, Vault) 1.0

Print blocks directly and automatically from your balance!
ASchem - Automatic Printer
Please read before purchasing

This plugin allows you to make use of the Schematica mod's printer in a whole new way. When you enable the printer mode you can print blocks directly purchased from your balance! As you place each block you will be charged for it according to a price list (Works with essentials worth.yml OR the in-built price list system).


  • Works with FactionsUUID & SavageFactions
  • Choice of price lists (Essentials worth.yml or built-in list)
  • Powerful exploit prevention, blocks all the ways that I could think of to abuse being in Creative mode (If you find an exploit please report it).
  • Inventory and data saving, when switching between printer on/off your inventory and armor is preserved
  • Fully customizable messages
  • Allow printer use in different territories (ALLY, NEUTRAL, etc.)
  • Allow certain commands to be used during printer mode
Permissions & Commands:
  • /printer - Toggles printer (aschem.printer)
  • aschem.printer.bypass - Permission node to allow block placement of non-priced blocks
  • Vault Dependency
  • Essentials Dependency (Optional) - For Worth.yml
  • Jar Copy: $5
  • Source Code: $20
#   useEssentialsWorth - Hook into essentials worth.yml file for block prices
#   nearbyPlayerSearchRadius - If there is a player found in this area printer will be disabled
#                            according to the allowedRelations below
#   allowedCommands - These commands will be allowed while printer mode is enabled, leave /printer!
#   allowedRelations - These relations of players will be ignored by nearby player search
#                      RELATIONS: MEMBER, ALLY, ENEMY, NEUTRAL
#   itemPrices - If useEssentialsWorth is disabled, this list will be used instead
#                Format: MATERIAL_ENUM#PRICE

  useEssentialsWorth: false
  nearbyPlayerSearchRadius: 32
    - /printer
    - /msg
    - /r
    - ALLY
    - MEMBER
    - STONE#1.00
    - REDSTONE#25.00
    - GLOWSTONE#20.00
    - COBBLESTONE#1.00
#   %amount%  - The amount of the purchased item
#   %item% - The purchased item
  PRINTER_ENABLED: '&4&l(!) &ePrinter Enabled!'
  PRINTER_DISABLED: '&4&l(!) &ePrinter Disabled!'
  PRINTER_BAD_ACTION: '&4&l(!) &eThis action is not allowed while in printer mode!'
  PRINTER_STOP_TERRITORY: '&4&l(!) &eYou have left your own/ally territory, printer disabled!'
  PRINTER_STOP_NEARBY_PLAYER: '&4&l(!) &eThere is a nearby player, printer disabled!'
  PRINTER_PURCHASE_TEXT: '&8[&aASchem&8] &8[&4-&8] &e%amount% - Placed 1x %item%'
  PRINTER_COMMAND_NOT_ALLOWED: '&4&l(!) &eYou cannot use this command while in printer mode'

Latest reviews

Countless bugs, impossible to use on a factions server. I contacted dev 8 days ago and he promised to fix the bugs by last Friday but hasn't yet. I will remove and make 5 stars once they are fixed.
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