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Sleek dark web design
I decided to make a nice website template for people to use on their servers for a cheap cost! It is a very nice design and very easy to customize! There is a config.php you can edit your server name and the IP of the server so you player counter and server status will work! I will be working on this template and taking feedback on what I should add to this template! Please contact me at Severingcastle8#9743 if you need any help or PM me on here!

Coming Soon:
Dark/Light mode swither
Cool mc server status to show all players heads they are online
Picture area
Server status page
About page

Screenshot-2018-5-30 SERVERNAME Home.jpg


Latest reviews

Wow! Amazing Design. This looks really professional and has boosted My start on the server. Extremely friendly resource developer, he would be more than happy to help if you dropped him a message! Thankyou!
Thank you for the review!
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