authLogin 1.1

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Adding extra security to your server!

This is a plugin that I made in around an hour just so people could use it, it's very simple and straight forward! Plus it's free and powefull.


# AuthLogin By: Trent @ Aysteria Development

require-login: true #allow players to /register or /login upon logging into the server? Put 'false' to disable. #
password-case-sensitive: true # allow players to either have their /login <password> CaSe Sensitive or not.
alerted: '&c&lAuth Alert: &a%player% &chas entered his password incorrectly &a%number% &ctimes!'
alert-staff-perm: 'auth.staff'
alert-staff-amount: 2 # if the player has entered the password this many times, alert staff under.
alert-staff: true # alert the staff when someone has entered the wrong password X amount of times?
required-password-length: 6 # number of characters required for a password #
auth-message: '&aYou need to auth-in before doing this action! '
auth-message-login: '&aYou have a password! Login using /login <password>'
register-login-reminder: '&aYou have created a password, now login using /login <password>!'
auth-message-register: '&aYou do not have a password! Use /register <password> | must be %chars% characters long!'
registered: '&aYou have registered your auth-login account, using the password: %password%'
already-authed: '&aYou are already logged in!'
logged-in: '&aYou have logged in!'
wrong-arg-login: '&aTry using /login <password> | without the "<>"'
wrong-arg-register: '&aTry using /register <password> | without the "<>"'
wrong-password: '&aYou entered the wrong password!'
no-password: '&aYou have entered an invalid password!'
no-long: '&aYour password has to be at least %chars% long!'
no-perm: '&aYou do not have perms for this command!'
auth-arg: '&aAuth Help: try using /auth reload'
auth-reload: '&aReloaded the Auth config and data!'
not-command: '&aThis command: %cmd% is not allowed while auth-locked!'
allowed-auth-commands: # list of commands that the player can use while still auth-locked #
- 'login'
- 'register'
- 'help'
- 'rules'

Latest updates

  1. Added 'require-staff' config entry!

    require-staff: true # only want to require staff to do /login or /register when logging in? Keep...


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