Disco Armor 1.3

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Disco Armor

Hello! Today i'm uploading my DiscoArmor plugin, i will be continuing to grow this plugin with many more features to come, with the features that will be added in the future, this plugin may turn into a Premium resource. i will still maintain the lite version. this plugin allows users to have awesome rainbow armor that switches until they disable it. i am currently putting together a Video for you all to view.


Commands & Permissions
/da help | da.use
/da <on/enable> | da.use
/da <off/disable> | da.use
/da help | da.use


Have any concerns or problems? let me know.

Latest updates

  1. *** BUG FIXES | 1.9+ COMPATIBLE ***

    + Updated to 1.9 - 1.10 + Added /da help + Added a help page with people that has permissions to...
  2. Disco Armor | Bug Fixes

    Fixed so that when players put on leather armor it won't go into disco mode, they will have to...
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