RAntiBot Simple and Effective Antibot plugin BUILD-5

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Blocks the Majority bots on your server
RAntiBot is a simple antibot plugin that blocks various bots on your server. Its blocks all bots in your server without blocking real players. Also the plugin dont causes any lag in your server.

How it works?

When a new player try to join in your server the plugin obliges them to reconnect to your server. The majority of bots dont connect twice with same username and for this the plugin is effective.
This is the screen that player receives when a new player try to join the server first time (This message is configurable)
It also has a chat check. When a player join the server he must sneak to be able to talk in chat. This is to avoid bots spamming your server. The chat check is interligated with the join check. If the player leaves the server without sneaking he is asked to reconnect twice again. Its blocks the Majority of bot attacks and make your server safe without blocking real players from joining in your server.
Also the plugin resets all checks every 30 minutes so players must connect twice and press shift to talk in chat every 30 minutes.
The interval can be configured

This plugin will certainly reduce bot attack on your server considerably, you can trust me :)



/rantibot (Main command)
/rantibot info (Display plugin info and credits)
/rantibot reload (Reload the config file)
/rantibot reset (Manually resets the AntiBot player data!)


antibot.bypass (With this permission you ignore the antibot system)

I recommend you to give this permission to your every server groups except the default group.

#Plugin RAntiBot version BUILD-04 config
#Author: zEnderX5_ , Rafael Auler
#Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/2kC345B
#Here you can customize the messages and some things
#Enjoy the plugin and dont forget to rate a 5 star review =)

#Time in minutes that the antibot data will be reset
#Every x minutes the antibot removes all player data and all players that dont have
#The permission antibot.bypass will be asked to complete the antibot task again
#Default: 30 minutes

Interval: 30

#Message that appear when player try join the server first time
MessageKick: '&e&l[AntiBot] &cYour connection has been verified. &aPlease reconnect'

 # Enable sending your server address to bStats? This could get you a couple more players. =)
 # Defaults to true
SendIPAddressData: true

#Message that appear when player join the server and dont have moved yet
MustSneakToTalk: '&e&l[AntiBot] &cYou must sneak in order to chat (Press Shift)'

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This plugin uses BStats. Click here to view the plugin stats

If this plugin helps you please leave a 5 stars review.

Latest updates

  1. Increased bot protection

    You need to reset your config.yml in order to update Now when the player first enter the server...
  2. Updated to the last version

    Title says all

Latest reviews

It's a good plug-in. But in the case of a bot, we'll need a new prevention method because it allows access to the second time.
i think that is pretty hard for bots if you have this. i have tested with only this plugin on the server and bots still able to join (I Used AvancedBot) but the potency is lower and they got kicked in 15 seconds after join. this plugin is not meant to be used alone. it is a auxiliary plugin to help to protect even further. i recommend installing EpicGuard (a free antibot plugin) along this to make your server impenetrable.
Very Very NICE KING :D


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