Basic Discord Ticket Bot [discontinued] discontinued

This is a basic discord ticket bot, up for purchase for a cheap price.
This is a discord bot I made just for some extra revenue for a project I am working on. The bot is coded in JavaScript.

I will be making more simple bots in the near future!
If you have any suggestions for the bot then please do list them in the discussion section.

Instructions are included when the bot is purchased!

- I will offer free support for this bot on Discord: Ty#4884
- If there are any bugs or problems please leave it in the discussion
section or let me know on Discord!

In the config, you can make changes to:
- The footer
- The Category where the ticket will be made.
- The bot prefix
- The main colour.


Latest updates

  1. Edited config.

    - Fixed issue with config.
  2. Basic Discord Ticket Bot [NEW HELP COMMAND] [SUPPORT!]

    - Added help command as requested.

Latest reviews

GREAT! I love it! People should definitely buy it! High quality and easy to use!
Thanks for the review. I'm glad it was worth the money :)
Super nice bot, only downside is the tickets are ticket-(username) I wish it could be ticket-0001 and stuff :/
Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it, I'll definitely consider looking into changing the ticket IDs in the future :)
Good Ticket Bot! working good! vouch!
Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it.
Works extremely well. Had some trouble installing the bot, I contacted the Developer and he responded very fast and fixed my problem!
Thanks for the review! Glad you like it :)
Working very well, %100 worth it
Thank you for the review!!
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