IslandTop(ASkyBlock/SuperiorSkyBlock) /is top [1.7.10 - 1.16] [Gui Holograms Chat NPC]

Hi have you ever wanted a IslandTop plugin that has the ability to show a player their island wort
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Supported versions
askyblock gui islandtop

Hi, I have made a IslandTop plugin that tries to make your SkyBlock server competitive. The idea behind this plugin is that a certain player can brag about being the #1 player with the best skyblock island with the most valued items on it you are fully able to setup your own worth for items.

This plugin is able to calculate items in chests/dispensers/hoppers/droppers
It is also able to calculate spawners so those can count towards the island its total value aswell which is really nice.
The plugin is able to work various spawnerstacking plugins such as the ones below.

You are also able to have a web page with this plugin if you have a mysql database like this:

Spigot/FluxSpigot/PaperSpigot (They must be on 1.7 - 1.16)
Citizens for IslandTop NPCs
HolographicDisplays for IslandTop Holograms & NPCs

Supported Plugins:
MergedSpawners 11.0 or later
WildStacker 2.9.3 or later
AdvancedSpawners (spawner stacking only)
EpicSpawners v6

/is top displays all calculated islands their values
/is top10 Displays the top 10 Islands in a gui
/is top16 Displays the top 16 islands in a gui
/islandtopadmin this allows you to reload the config and set the amount of chunks to be calculated per second it is also able to show the information about how to reach me on discord











Test Server: use /server IslandTop to get to the islandtop testing area

The Terms Of Service are as following:
You may not redistribute my plugin under your name
You may not claim to have created this plugin in any form
You may not share/give/ this plugin to anyone
You may not include this plugin in a server setup however the configuration of it may be as long as you are excluding the jar file if you are selling a server setup or your server
You may not leak this plugin on any sort of forum
You may not upload this jar to any sort of download service such as MediaFire to provide a free copy without my permission this permission may be handed via a private message,email, skype message,discord message
You wave your right to chargeback upon purchase for any sort of reason
You need to have permission of the paypal account holder to purchase this plugin.
You agree to not filing a chargeback under any circumstances
You will not file an unauthorized chargeback as you have waved right to do so by purchasing as stated above
I am able to make any changes to the terms of service at any time given you will acknowledge this.
You may ask me questions regarding this plugin via private message,email, mcmarket,spigot
I will not provide support for those asking questions on YouTube.
I am not required to be answering any sort of questions/support on YouTube.
I am not required to be answering questions/support to those who can't provide solid proof of purchase i may check for your purchase on both spigot & mc-market
If you are running this plugin without having this plugin purchased you will be needing to remove this from your system immideatly as you are not licenced to use it.
I reserve the rights to make any aditional changes to these terms of service at any given time.

Discord support chat:

Author Information
Hi my name is CustomEnchants
My youtube channel is
My discord is CustomEnchants#6124
My mc-market is CustomEnchants
Crediting original
Credit to Fazal for helping out
Credit to Pondinq for helping out

Latest updates

  1. Update

    Fix npc duplication Fix top10 gui not working Optimization for people running 1.7 - 1.12 Add...
  2. Update

    Started cleaning up some of the code Tried to improve tps a little bit too
  3. 1.13 - 1.16 compability

    1.13 - 1.16 compability Potentially fix npc duplication/disappearing bug Add configureable...

Latest reviews

Very unique /is top plugin, Very intuitive and user-friendly, recommended for any server that wants to offer a friendly environment to their players. This plugin is also optimized and efficient when calculating islands. Would recommend!
Author responds very quickly, good plugin - however there might be some value bugs.
Plugin is a good idea, players love it but when there is a problem the support from CustomEnchants is shocking, user ignored ,my messages on two occasions. Came across an issue which really lets this plugin down because the island top worth's are very inaccurate. Will be happy to re-review if fixed
Great plugin but could you add support for WildStacker (Spawner stacking plugin). Thanks!
10/10 always help me quick whenever i have an issue
good plugin only discord link doenst work anymore
Amazing plugin, works with EpicSpawners. Very little issues with NPCs and Holograms. The author is extremely kind and responds quickly.

IslandTop has to be one of my top three well worth premium plugins.
Great Plugin everything works. I would recommend
Looks exactly like PvPWars which I love but It still needs some work :P <3
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