KitPvP eZPvP [H-Setup] 5.1.6

• 142 Kits • Best Voted • PvP Bot • Crates • Market System • Customizable •







- Archer
- Array
- Prisoner
- Kangaroo
- Viper
- Deadpool
- Wormhole
- Scout
- Tarzan
- Madman (the real madman from mcpvp)
- Flower
- Snail
- Iceman
- Assassin
- Gohan
- Alcoholic
- Turtle
- Dombo
- Werewolf
- Intimidator
- Mario
- Batman
- Blink
- Monk
- Law
- Superwoman
- Wither
- Spiderman
- Nuker
- Twister
- Slowmotion
- Vacuum
- Airforce
- Asteriod
- Magma
- Black Hole
- Yoshi
- Spy
- Joker
- Feather
- Napalm
- Leo
- Time Traveller
- Stomper
- Jelly
- Fisherman
- Ace
- Digger
- Liquid
- Phantom
- Telekinesis
- Iron Man
- Exhaustion
- Pokemon
- Airstrike
- Blaze
- Shockwave
- Dolphin
- Shapeshifter
- Jumper
- Wall
- Hulk
- Jesus
- Overheat
- Magnet
- Neutralizer
- Bodybuilder
- Philosopher
- Pirate
- Karate Kid
- Copycat
- Scuzichu
- Doctor
- Colossus
- Exorcist
- Harry Potter
- Pillar
- Zeus
- Dash
- Minato
- Relaxo
- Naruto
- Rabbit
- Tesoro
- Seeker
- Mirror
- Mosa
- Bartolomeo
- Aborigine
- Ninja
- Hoarder
- Warper
- Sonic
- Jackhammer
- Hades
- Rolling Mill
- White Hole
- Maniac
- Miner
- Scorch
- Nihil
- Invasion
- Allure
- Ghost
- Mole
- Surgeon
- Flash
- Cowboy
- Jintö
- Switcher
- Seque
- Lawyer
- Jozu
- Daisy
- Sasuke
- Isolation
- Neptune
- Tank
- Acrobat
- Vegeta
- Stealth
- Pikachu
- Quicksilver
- Horseman
- Rockstar
- Frog
- Soldier
- Crafter
- Eagle
- Clone
- Displacer
- Jinbei
- Enel
- Spectre
- Xava

Feature List
- over 130 abilities
- no repetitive kits
- completely customizable
- explosion and particle physics
- stats menu
- team system
- kit market where players can sell their kits
- settings menu to edit everything in this plugin
- kit search function
- killstreaks
- prestiges
- debug system
- easy setup (setup menu)
- /desc to get explanation for this plugins functions
- kit crates/boxes
- kit rarity system
- all kits are editable (rarity, cooldowns, free, availability)
- Events Menu


Team System

If you have teams allowed in the settings players
can do /team to create, join, leave.
- You can set your team private or public
- Players in a team cant hit each other
- Teams are not like clans they are temporary


Kit Box
If you enabled all kits (or some of them) you are able use
the Kit Boxes.
If you click them a wheel of fortune opens and gives you a random kit (kits with highter rarity tend to be less often in kit boxes, how to change the rarity will be shown to you in a other section)

März-12-2018 18-06-42.gif

(A new player will get 5 free kitboxes)

The market is the only way (accept kitboxes) to get kits.
It is defined by the players, for example if a player gets a kit that he doesn't
want or that he already owns. he can sell it (by shiftclicking it in the kit selector)
to the market. he will gain one fourth of the original rarity price. so the market has
not a unlimited source of kits it will only contain kits if the players deside to sell them.
If your market is to empty type /fillmarket, this will add 25 random kits to it.
Or type /clearmarket to clear it.



The statsmenu will show you your
kills, deaths, KDR & your prestige. you also can reset all of your
stats if you want to.


Other Features

- Fights look awesome (due to the edited explosion effects, like block spread on explosions and many characters that have cool looking abilities the fights look really really good

- if anything is not working type /debug before you contact me

- /desc will help you out if you have any problem there will be a really presize description how to do anything in this plugin. For example Kits desc:


- /editkit <Kit> will make things faster if you are comfortable with the plugin and gained some knowledge about it

- killstreak system (Killing Spree, Rampage etc... / starts at three kills)

- in the settings you can start events (like doublecoin or free kit events)

- there are 2 prebuild maps for you guys build by us, if you want them just, message me and i'll send them to you

- automatic MOTD

- /transfer command to make your friends a gift :)

- fighting bot who can fight for you and is available in
some of the characters

- pvp bot

- you'll get a definable amount of coins when killing a player

- type in /ezpvp to see everything you need :)

The setup is so easy and uncomplicated you will need just
2 minutes to setup the basic plugin.
It depends on some plugins.

- Citizens for 1.7 or higher (this should work)
- LibsDisguise
- EffectLib
- Protocollib
Multiverse is also highly recommended
Also if you need anything or your dependencies doesn't work
just ask me i'll send you mine and they will work for sure.

Type /adminmenu and go to the "Setup" section.
Then you can set the arena the hub, and other stuff up.
If you want to go more into detail just type /adminmenu and go to the
"Settings" section.


There you can change other stuff.
For Example:
- Soup (Enable/Disable)
- Soup Heal (how much a soup heals)
- Sword type (choose what type of sword the players will use)
- Arena Size (how big is your arena)
- Random spawning (allow players to spawn randomly into your arena)
- Coins per kill (how many coins you get by killing a player)
- Arena health (edits how much hearts you have in the arena)
- Kit Editor (Ability Editor)
and some more stuff

If you want to go further into detail type /adminmenu go to the "Settings" section and then click on "Kit Editor"

Screenshot at März 12 18-08-30.png

You can change every Ability the way you want it to be.
- Edit the cooldown of abilitys who have a cooldown.
- Edit the rarity (the rarer a kit is the less it will appear in kit boxes)
- Make it Free or not
- Or just Disable it if you dont like it

You need Maps? Just write a good review and I'll give you the link.
Or just buy one of them here:


With the "Gamer" class you can nearly every aspect in my plugin.
You can even add code to the kit abilities to recode them at your own will.

A detailed desc is coming soon...

Thats it for now. Have a great day. If you have any questions or bugs contact me please. Bye Leo. Proof of ownership is in the additional link and also the trailer should proof it.For me it works in 1.8-1.12 (1.9-1.12 with just a few bugs (4 known), complete compatibility with 1.12 will follow in the near future)

- lang.file
- world border
- more kits

Test Server: or
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed requested Bugs

    Sorry for my long absense, but Im on eZPvP 6.0 and it will be released in a few months. In...
  2. Bug fixes

    fixed the ghost kit glitch if you find another bug, please text me
  3. added worldborder

    its a alpha feature so its only available in the api, but it will get updated so an all day user...

Latest reviews

This plugin is insane. it's worth buying and almost no bugs at all. I hope the dev will add newer version compatibility soon!
the plugin is amazing but you cant edit whats in the kits and you cant edit what the player gets in there inventory ... therefor a lot of things are unbalanced ... but besides that it is a good plugin ... please contact me when you can @xjustleo
Simple Amazing, not much more to say
Looking at it originally it doesn't look like it'll be good, but holy crap seeing what it can do is really good. Like I thought it'd be some tossed together plugin, but it seems really well thought out and developed. Fucking 10/10 m8
I attach ★5 to the technology and fun of this plugin. The most favorite kit in this plug-in is a kit. It is very convenient, such as climbing a mountain. This developer has very good technology! Please do buy this plugin by all means!
ok thank you ?:D
My initial thoughts were that 'EzPvP' is just another basic kitpvp core which claims to be advanced (by stating it includes several exclusive features). After coming across the author's post on the MC Market, showcasing the plugin, I was a little intrigued so I decided to join the test server ( After testing the plugin for around 30 minutes, I was actually impressed, the plugin itself runs so smoothly and I didn't encounter any bugs/issues (surprisingly). I would highly recommend buying this plugin.
thank you for your nice words :)
the plugin works perfectly!
Very good kit pvp plugin, very easy to customize
Awesome plugin. Worth of buying. Only one feature, that is missing is translation (locale file), altough really nice plugin.
thank you very much, im already trying to code a lang.yml file :)
Great resource. Developer is very responsive to all pms about bugs and feature requests. 11/10 would recommend.



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