Freecam / Roam - Let your players freecam without hacks! [VanityMC] 1.1.6

Convenient replacement for WorldDownload - Great donation reward.

Price is currently reduced by 20% and will return to normal once 5 people have bought the plugin.

Freecam is a plugin which allows your players to enter a restricted spectator mode, essentially allowing them to "freecam", without the use of hacks or hacked clients. It's a convenient replacement to more tedious methods such as WorldDownloader / Schematica / Replay Mod, and would make a great donation perk for higher tier donators.

It has a configurable limit for how long a player can be in freecam, and how far they can move from their original location. While the player is in freecam, they leave behind an NPC, this npc can be damaged by other players, removing the player from freecam mode.

Any exploits I can think of have been patched. Players will always be teleported back to their original location, even if they disconnect, server crashes, etc. While in freecam they can not run commands, talk in chat, interact with anything, etc. Any issues/bugs any buyer finds will be patched swiftly.

All messages are configurable.

If anyone has any suggestions for things that could be added to this list, I am willing to add them.

Here is a demonstration video:

Citizens is required if you want NPCs to work, however, this is optional.

maxDistance: 50
timeLimit: 30
npcEnabled: true

  noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to do this.'
  toggleOff: '&aFreecam Disabled. You have been returned to your previous location.'
  toggleOn: '&aFreecam Enabled. You can now freely move a maximum of 300 blocks for 30 seconds.'
  npcHit: '&cFreecam disabled due to pvp!'
  maxDistance: '&cYou have reached the maximum distance allowed in freecam.'
  timeLimit: '&cYou have been in freecam too long!'
  noChat: '&cYou can not use chat / commands while in freecam!'

Permission to use the command is freecam.use

This plugin has been tested on PaperSpigot 1.8.8, however, it should work on any version.

If you have any questions or require support for this plugin, my discord is: Markimus#7102

Latest updates

  1. Spectator Target Fix

    Players in freecam will no longer be able to left click on another player to spectate as them...
  2. Fixed SQL Error

    Fixed an SQL Error that occurred on 1.14 server versions.
  3. Exploit Fix

    Fixed an exploit that when done properly, would allow a user to drop an item while in freecam.

Latest reviews

Perfect plugin, does what it has to do! Fast response from dev too.
Amazing plugin. Keep it up man!
really cool plugin, its gonna be very helpful for donators since its easier than worlddownloader
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