ChunkLoaders - BEING REVAMPED 1.5

Keep chunks automatically loaded, great donation perk!
ChunkLoaders is a great addition to a faction's server as it allows you to grow crops and spawn mobs while no one is near the chunk. In default minecraft this would not be possible but this plugin allows it to happen.

This plugin is an addition for UltimateFactions...



  • 1.7-1.12 support
  • FactionsUltimate support
  • FactionsUUID support
  • Very configurable
  • Very efficient
  • Fully automatic
  • Good support
  • Custom API
  • Spawn mobs while not in a chunk
  • Generate crop growth while not in the chunk.
  • Mob spawners will still spawn mobs while not in the chunk.


"/" Command
"<>" Required
"[ ]" Optional

  • /chunkloader give <player> <amount> - Give a player an amount of chunk loaders.
  • /chunkloader confirm - To remove a chunk loader.
  • /chunkloader cancel - To cancel removing a chunk loader.


  • chunkloader.give - Give a player a chunkloader item.
Upon purchase of this plugin,
1) You do not have permission to resell or give this plugin to other person.
2) This plugin can only be used on your own server.
3) You cannot decompile or modify the source of the plugin without my permission.
4) There are absolutely no refunds.


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Latest updates

  1. Many Updates and Fixes.

    There has been many updates and fixes that have been posted externally so needed re-uploading here.
  2. Configurable

    Updates: Made the chunk loader itself configurable!
  3. Fix!

    Fixes: Disabled glow temporarily as it was in-compatible with some spigot versions.

Latest reviews

Doesnt work do not buy full scam, user reported
You haven't even attempted to message me?
The plugin does not work but also a recommendation make it so there is text above the block and the ability to edit what type of block it is in the config.
You haven’t attempted to contact me or told me the issue.
I can give myself the blocks in question but once ask did not go. Waiting for a response in private.
Good idea. Im adding to my server Play.StellarPvP.Com at an update soon, this review might change cause I havn't tested it yet.
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