Tiered ChunkBusters - BEING REVAMPED 1.1

Allows you to remove a configurable radius of chunks with items.

Tiered ChunkBusters is a great donation perk for a factions server. It allows a player to instantly remove an entire chunk or multiple. This plugin has different items for all different radius chunkbusters.


  • 1.7-1.14 support
  • FactionsUltimate support
  • FactionsUUID support
  • SavageFactions support
  • Configurable Items
  • Very configurable
  • Very efficient
  • Fully automatic
  • Good support
  • Configure to require a faction
  • Configure to only allow in faction land
  • Custom API
  • Multiple and Custom Tiers
  • Easy to use
  • Great donation perk


"/" Command
"<>" Required
"[ ]" Optional

  • /chunkbuster help - View the chunkbuster help menu.
  • /chunkbuster give <player> <tier> <amount> - Give a player a certain tier of chunk busters and an amount.


  • chunkbuster.give - Give a player a chunkbuster.

Upon purchase of this plugin,
1) You do not have permission to resell or give this plugin to other person.
2) This plugin can only be used on your own server.
3) You cannot decompile or modify the source of the plugin without my permission.
4) There are absolutely no refunds.



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Latest updates

  1. Stabilization and Fixes + 1.14 Support

    Changelog: Made it so player giving the item also receives a message. Added a message if a...
  2. Many Updates and Fixes.

    There has been many updates and fixes that have been posted externally so needed re-uploading here.

Latest reviews

The plugin removes literally everything in the chunk. There is no option to exclude for example spawners or chests from being removed whichs is needed in factions. Will update my review when Ben replies and fixed it he's really inactive lately.
Good idea. Im adding to my server Play.StellarPvP.Com at an update soon, this review might change cause I havn't tested it yet.
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