Custom Enchants Plugin! 50% OFF! Clean and Cut commands! 2018-07-22

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This is the Custom Enchants TimelessPVP had way back!
New Unique way to separate your server from the rest with custom enchants that act like normal enchantments!

This is the list of the enchants available!
- Wither
- Viper
- Concrete
- Dizzying
- Greed
- Moon Crest
- Sun Crest
- Vampiric
- Deaths Rose

- Brothers Guard
- Gods Discipline
- Marshmellow
- Springs
- Terraria
- Torched
- Halo
- Gluttony
- True Strength
- Talaria
- This plugin is a custom enchant plugin that's very easy to set up and edit percentages
- You get the enchants from actually enchanting, almost as if they're a normal enchant!
- This plugin cannot be resold or redistributed, please check TaS for more details.
- This plugin is very exclusive at the time, once this hits over 20 sales the price will drop down to 2.50 GBP
- Only 2 Commands inside of this plugin (Check below for more details)
- You must be holding the specified armor/tool to use the admin command on it.
- Books can not be Enchanted.

- /ce (Displays all Enchants includes Information on there functions, GUI.)
- /aenchant (Admin command, can be used to give any player a certain enchant!)
EX: /adminenchant
PERMISSION NODE: customenchants.adminenchants
Crediting original
Not a fork, but this is a plugin that the developer of TimelessPVP made. Have been licensed to sell this and provided all information and proof to moderators on MC-Market.
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