{SecureStaff} Ultimate Account Protection [unmaintained] 1.1

Keep your staff members' accounts secure.
  1. Skript
security staff
Keep your staff members' accounts secure.

What is this?
SecureStaff allows you to keep your staff members
accounts from being compromised, so your server isn't damaged.

What does it do?
Whenever your staff member joins the server, they are required to register using "/register <pass> <confirmpass>". This password is encrypted using SHA-256 encryption. The IP used to originally registered is also remembered, so staff member's joining won't have to repeatedly login using their password. If they join on an unknown IP, then that is when they must verify their identity using the "/login <pass>" command. They get 4 attempts to login, and if they fail all attempts, they are banned from the network until an Administrator unbans them (This is time for the Staff Member to secure their Minecraft account from the hacker). If the login is successful, the Staff Member can choose to update their IP or not (Useful for users with dynamic IPs).

Other Features
Staff members that are not logged in cannot break, build, drop items, move, or run commands (excluding login).

There is an IP Lookup command, to view the IP of any player.

There is a lookup command, to view the last known IP, the original IP (of registration), and the account status.

Failed Attempts (Default 4)
Variable Color (Default &b)
No Permission (Default That command cannot be found)
Ban Reason (Default Account Compromised)

securestaff.staff - Staff Member
securestaff.iplookup - /iplookup
securestaff.lookup - /lookup
Console Only - /resetpassword






This is a complete rewrite of my previous Staff Security, aSecurity.
This is not a plugin, this is a script, so Skript is required.

Latest updates

  1. SecureStaff - 1.1

    New command: /resetpassword <username> <newPassword> Must be ran via Console. If a staff...
  2. Permission Update

    Updated the thread to contain the permission nodes needed to use. My mistake!

Latest reviews

Good plugin overall, really good support for the plugin too. Keeping my staff’s accounts secure. Vouch for religion!
I appreciate the review!
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