>[BIG SALE FOR FIRST 10]< BetterLobby | Music, Gadgets, Gui's and more! 3.2

This Lobby-core isn't like the others! Check it out yourself!

Warp GUI:

Hotbar Menu:

Gadgets GUI:

Options GUI:

Warp GUI:

Options Menu:

Gadgets GUI:

Music GUI:

Help Page:


This is a short introduction on how to use this plugin.
On join you will recieve a chest in your 9th slot.
If you click it a Menu in your hotbar will open with 3 items.
The "Warper" The "Options" and the "Gadgets".
If you want to close the menu, press the red "X" at your 8th slot.

If you click the Warp item, it will open a GUI with all your configured warps.
If you click the options, a GUI will pop up were you can hide and unhide players.
If you click the Gadgets menu, the will open a GUI were you can choose between two things.

The First one is an armor.
if you click it, you will equipp an armor. Players cannot take it off or drop it.
If you open that menu again you will see a red armor. Click it to Unequipp the armor.

The Second one is the Music.
If you click that item another GUI will open with a bunch of music nbs files.
They were personally made for this plugin. They are from the japanese anime series "SAO" and fir to every server environment.
If you still want to change it, message me via PM.

To listen to one of the songs, simple click it and open the GUI again and click the red block to stop playing it.

If you found a bug, please private message me so we can solve that issue. Don't post a bad review. If you do so, it doesn't help fixing the problem.

Dependencies [In download folder]:
- Skript v33
- SkQuery
- Skellett
- SkRayFall
- SkMusic
- SkUtilities

- My Script wont work! I have version v34!
-> Use v33. Skript is bugged in version v34.

- I found a bug!
-> Please pm me with the issue and send the bug.

- Why is it script?
-> Why not?

- I want a feature!
-> Message me via pm and tell me your idea :)

Official Testserver: Pandu.eu [1.12.2]

Latest updates

  1. Page design issues

    New pagedesign issues removed
  2. Small improvements and performance boosts

    Hey! Just some small tweaks and changes!
  3. Changes to the SK file

    There are some kind of issues at some commands that should be fixed rn :)


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