InfiniGen - One Bucket, Infinite Possibilities [Factions + PlotSquared] 1.0.2

One Gen Bucket with GUI to change material/direction.

InfiniGen is a Gen Bucket plugin, with a difference. Instead of flooding your inventory with a ton of buckets, or having one bucket for each material type, it has just one bucket.

To change the type of genbucket, and the direction it gens, there is a clean GUI which allows you to change the settings of the bucket. When you place a bucket, you are charged based on the material and direction chosen in the GUI.

InfiniGen is extremely customisable.

Main Features:
  • One Bucket
  • GUI to customise bucket behaviour
  • Cost per bucket placed
  • Extremely customisable (Inc all messages/gui items)
  • Configurable bucket speed
  • Add your own materials to gen
  • Prevent genning when enemies are nearby (optional)

The plugin currently supports:
  • FactionsUUID (+Any fork that doesn't change method names)
  • PlotSquared
However, if you would like me to add support for any other plugin, PM me or contact me on discord.


  material: LAVA_BUCKET
  data: 0
  title: '&9&lInfiniBucket'
    - '&7Place this against a block to generate a wall.'
    - '&7Type /infinibucket to change the material and direction.'
directionCosts: # Cost charged per block, before material cost is applied.
  up: 30.00
  down: 10.00
  horizontal: 100.00
  title: '&4&lInfini&c&lGen'
  glass1: 14
  glass2: 3
  arrowDown: 'MHF_ArrowDown'
  arrowUp: 'MHF_ArrowUp'
  arrowRight: 'MHF_ArrowRight'
    material: PAPER
    data: 0
    title: '&9Material'
      - '&7Click the button below to select'
      - '&7the block you wish to gen.'
    - '&bCost: &7$%cost%'
    material: PAPER
    data: 0
    title: '&9Direction'
      - '&7Click the button below to select'
      - '&7the direction in which you wish to gen.'
    - '&bCost: &7$%cost%'
    material: BUCKET
    data: 0
    title: '&9Get Bucket'
      - '&7Click here to get an infinibucket.'
      - '&7Cost: &b$1,000'
    cost: 1000.00
    material: MAP
    data: 0
    title: '&9Toggle Chat'
      - '&7Click here to toggle chat messages'
      - '&7when placing infinibuckets.'
      - '&7Status: &b%status%'
    sound: CLICK
    volume: 10
    pitch: 1
    - '&cThis material will always gen from the ground up!'

materials: # Cost is how much is charged per block, on top of directional cost.
    title: '&7Cobblestone'
    material: COBBLESTONE
    cost: 50.00
    title: '&eSand'
    material: SAND
    cost: 100.50
    title: '&cRed Sand'
    material: SAND
    data: 1
    cost: 120.50
    title: '&9Obsidian'
    material: OBSIDIAN
    cost: 300.00
  playerPermission: 'infinigen.use'
  reloadPermission: 'infinigen.reload'
  givePermission: 'infinigen.give'
  stopPermission: 'infinigen.stop'
  debug: false
  ticksPerGen: 5 # How many ticks to wait before genning the next block. 20 ticks = 1 second.
  enemyRadius: 50 # Set to 0 to disable radius checking
  maxHorizontalDistance: 255 # How far horizontal infinibuckets will gen before stopping.

  prefix: '&7[&4Infini&cGen&7] '
  noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to do that!'
  reloadSuccess: '&aConfiguration has been reloaded.'
  reloadFail: '&cReload failed.'
  bucketGive: '&aYou have given %player% a GenBucket.'
  bucketGet: '&aYou have been given a GenBucket by %player%.'
  bucketTooPoor: '&cYou can not afford to purchase a genbucket.'
  stopStopped: '&cAll genning has been halted, cancelled %amount% existing tasks.'
  stopStart: '&aGenning has been re-enabled.'
  stopMessage: '&cGenBucket is currently disabled.'
  genFallingHorizontal: '&cFalling blocks can not be genned horizontally.'
  genTerritory: '&cYou do not have permission to gen here.'
  genHorizontalFace: '&cYou have your genbucket set to horizontal, yet you tried to gen vertical.'
  genTooPoor: '&cYou can not afford to place this.'
  genEnemy: '&cCan not gen while an enemy is nearby.'
  genPlace: '&b-$%cost% &7(&b$%balance%&7)'

  • Factions or PlotSquared
  • WorldGuard
  • Vault
If you have any questions or require support for this plugin, my discord is: Markimus#7102

Latest updates

  1. Config Error

    Updated config to remove reference to old plugin name to prevent confusion. Would love to pump...
  2. Proper handling of dependencies

    Fixed an error that would occur when neither factions nor plotsquared was able to be hooked...

Latest reviews

Great plugin, nice dev. Works well also
Nice plugin. Dev is kind of rude though.
Hey, glad you like the plugin. However, I don't believe I have been rude to you. I have only spoken to you once, and that was to help you with an issue you were having getting the plugin loaded. I asked for the error, helped you figure out what was causing it, made a joke about actually reading the error messages, and offered advice on another issue you were having. None of that was intended to be rude, or confrontational, so I'm sorry if you perceived it that. way.
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