BetaSystem | Beta Access over a website | Spigot and BungeeCord 1.3

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With this plugin keys can be distributed that can be redeemed on a website
With the beta system you can start a closed beta in which only certain players of your choice come in or players who have gained a beta access, for this I have written a system which you can use for free. In this case, the player can specify his player name on one page and the betakey you can generate via the console or in the game with / addkey. If this is true then his access will be unlocked and he can enter the server without you having to do anything.

You need:
  • a webspace
  • a mysql database
  • a network with minecraft version x1.8
Commands and Permissions

/addkey – generates a betakey – betasystem.managekeys
/delbeta – withdraws the beta access – betasystem.managekeys
/system – enable or disable the system – betasystem.system
/statistic – show statistic about the joins – betasystem.statistic


Webpage to redeem the keys



German Video by me
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