Private Servers for your friends!
What is XServers
XServers is a plugin which adds a simple system for creating private servers within your main server.

It uses a simple system where a new world is created for each private server which allows players to do what they want within that server. Chat is then limited to that server so it doesn't disrupt other servers and a "roleplay" chat is available too where chat only reaches a certain amount of blocks (configurable) to allow for roleplaying within the private server.

Each server can have different settings which can affect what sort of server you want, and how other people join it.
Firstly, you can make your server public or private. Making it public means it is shown on the list of servers and so anyone can join it. This may, however, open it up to people who may troll the server and so you may want to keep it private. This removes it from the list of servers and only people you have added to the server can now join it. This can keep it safe with your friends only.

Secondly, there is an option to make the server "priority". This would be a great feature for staff to be able to use so if they are hosting events on a private server, their server will be shown at the top of the list all the time, instead of possibly being hidden within a lot of other servers. This allows players to see the server as soon as they look at the server list.

Next, you can ban people from your private server. This is pretty self explanatory, but it means players can't join your server at all whether it is public or private if you don't want them messing around in it!

Next, you can give players in your private server admin privileges. This means that they can change the settings of the private server such as whether it is private or public or the gamemode. This is, however, limited to whether that individual has the right permissions for the settings.

In addition, you can change the gamemode of the server so anyone that joins will be in that gamemode (and return to their original gamemode when leaving) and players will always be in that gamemode when in your private server (unless they change their gamemode themselves).

Finally, you can change the chat type of the server. This means it is either normal (you can speak to everyone on the server), or it is in "roleplay" mode and messages only travel a certain amount of blocks (configurable).


The following is a list of commands available to use:
  xs list:
    description: List available servers
  xs close:
    description: Closes the private server
  xs leave:
    description: Leaves the current private server
  xs settings:
    description: Opens the settings page for your owned private server
  xs add:
    description: Adds a player to your private server
  xs remove:
    description: Removes a player from your private server


The following is a list of permissions available to use:
[FONT=Droid Sans][FONT=Droid Sans][COLOR=rgb(44, 44, 44)][SIZE=4][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]  xs.*:
    description: Allows access to everything with private servers
      xs.join: true
      xs.priority: true
      xs.public: true
      xs.create: true
      xs.roleplaychat: true
      xs.gamemode: true
    description: Allows you to join private servers
    default: true
    description: Allows you to create a private server
    default: true
    description: Allows you to make your private server a priority server - bumping it to the top of the list
    default: false
    description: Allows you to make your private server public for anyone to join
    default: false
    description: Allows you to enable roleplay chat in your private server
    default: true
    description: Allows you to change the gamemode of your private server
    default: true


The following is the default config.yml:
# When a material is required, refer to for a list[/COLOR][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Droid Sans][FONT=Droid Sans][COLOR=rgb(44, 44, 44)][SIZE=4][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]# Sometimes the material is named differently to what you expect (such as Gunpowder in the game is actually "SULPHUR" as a material)

# Configuration options for private servers.
  # The prefix before all messages with the private server.
  Message Prefix: "&6PS&f: "
  # The message sent to players when a player joins a private server.
  # Leave blank for no message to be sent.
  # Supports colour codes.
  # %PLAYER% is the name of the player.
  Join Message: "&f%PLAYER% joined the server!"
  # The message sent to players when a player leaves a private server.
  # Leave blank for no message to be sent.
  # Supports colour codes.
  # %PLAYER% is the name of the player.
  Leave Message: "&f%PLAYER% left the server!"
  # Should private servers be saved when the main server closes
  # and then re-opened when the server turns back on?
  # Please note if you choose not to save the private servers, the world will remain even after the server turns back on.
  # When all the players that were in the private server have rejoined the main server, the world will delete.
  Save: true
  # Should the players be teleported to their original location before joining the private server?
  Return Teleport: true
  # The location the player teleports to when they leave a private server.
  # This is only used if 'Return Teleport' is false.
  Leave Location:
    World: "world"
    x: 0.0
    y: 0.0
    z: 0.0
    yaw: 0
    pitch: 0
  # The amount of time (in seconds) the server will wait before closing itself if there are no players on it
  # Leave this value at 0 for the server to never turn off
  Server Timeout: 0
  # If the server is using roleplay chat, then this is the distance of blocks that players can hear other players chat
  Roleplay Chat Distance: 32
  # When players join the sevrer, should they be given an item which opens the list of servers when they right click it
  Give List Item: true
  # The material of the item used to open the list of servers
  # This option is only used if 'Give List Item' is true
  List Item Material: "COMPASS"


This plugin will receive many updates in the future with more configuration options and new features. It will also receive bug fixes to any bugs reported and will add any features suggested!



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