NoPay Plugin! (Turn off payments!) 1.0

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Don't want paid? Then turn them off with /nopay on or /nopay off
Have you ever been on a server, and people always paid you? Well, now you can stop that with /nopay on (To allow payments and /nopay off (To not allow payments) This plugin will be good on ANY server type! EX: Factions, OpPrison, SkyBlock, KitPvP, and many more!

PLEASE NOTE! PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THINKING THIS WILL TURN OFF PAYMENTS FOR THE WHOLE SERVER! THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS PLUGIN DOES. IT WILL TURN OFF PAYMENTS FOR YOUR PERSON. When you type /nopay off you can no longer get money from people. This does NOT disable payments for the whole server. (Which can be done in essentials) This is more for a youtuber that doesn't want to be paid while he is making a series. (I hope this will clear up and confusions!)

Permissions - No permissions needed! Everyone has access to it!

Commands - /nopay on (Allow Payments)
/nopay off (Un Allow Payments)

I will be selling Many copies of this!
2$ a copy!

Do not resell
You may use this on your network
Do not claim as your own
Do not decompile (There is no need to)

Config - prefix: '&8[&4No&fPay&8]'

Note: I did not make this plugin. A friend of mine did, and I bought the rights to the plugin.
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