Online Discord Verification System [Stop Impersonators] 3.0

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A website template to prevent impersonators from scamming under your name!

An online based Discord verification system.
Supports both usernames and user IDs.

How does it work?
Simply paste either a username or user ID into the form, and it will say if that user is the user hosting it. It's a great way to keep impersonators away from impersonating you, and saves a bunch of time from responding to countless requests asking "hey, is this you?".

Want to see it in action?

Paste "Landon#1000" and it will say it's me.
Paste "Landon#6767" and it will say it's not me.
Paste "391055696713613315" and it will say it's me.
Paste "175082285232553984" and it will say it's not me.

It's super easy to setup!
Download the resource (It's free!)
Open verify.html.
Scroll down to the variables regarding username & ID.
Change those to your username & ID.
Put verify.html in a web host.
Access it via!

In under 10 minutes, you can get an online based verification system for yourself, so you won't have to worry about impersonators scamming potential clients ever again!

Easily Customizable!
Since you are receiving the files, everything is customizable. For those with limited HTML & CSS knowledge, some key aspects are marked out, such as the title and background image.​

Latest updates

  1. Major Bug Fix

    Bit surprising how long it took for this bug to be found, but previous versions have an issue...
  2. New Animation

    The background now moves with your mouse.
  3. Download

    Download fix.

Latest reviews

Excellent work! This will help stop impersonation in the future!
100% going to use, very good
impersonators sad noooooooo
Perfect, should help reduce impersonators!
I do not used it just i love to support authors! :P
This is really good. Worth downloading
Awesome! I got scammed $400 from not verifying, hopefully more people see and use this!
This is simply epic, I havent seen anything more epic ever
y 4 stars den
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