EliteArmor Create Your Own Sets 11x Premade Sets 132 Multi-Armor Crystals Crafting Support 6.5.3

Customisable Armor Set plugin with 10+ premade sets. Multi Armor, Omni Armor + More


This plugin is highly customizable, meaning you can change almost everything in the plugin to suit your server.
You can also create your own sets free from limitations!

This includes being able to create as many sets as you would like without causing lag

NEW For v6
Separate files for each armour set
Separate files for modifiers (multi armour crystals)
Wide range of recoded effects (Many optimisations) + New effects and way they work
Omni Armor Pieces
Optimised command system
Option to not require a full set to activate effects
Stacked effects values

Omni Armor Pieces
Omni Armor Pieces are items you can apply onto your armour to make the armour piece Omni-usable meaning you can use that armor on any armor set

NEW Crafting Recipes
You can now create your own crafting recipes for armor pieces or heroic armor pieces.
You can use custom items as ingredients and create your own patterns.
Sorry about the audio, I had to use my headphones microphone

Servers using this plugin:


132 Premade Modifiers




If you need support then check out the support discord https://discord.gg/5uqDwsR
If you have any questions then feel free to contact me @ Splodgebox#3490 on discord

For information on the whole plugin check out my Wiki. CLICK HERE

Use code splodgebox for 50% OFF

Latest updates

  1. 6.5.3

    Update Log: Added new support for EliteEnchantments Recode This will fix any errors you are...
  2. 6.5.2

    Update Log: Updated all dependencies and imports Fixed issue with POTION effect not working on...
  3. 6.5.1

    Update Log: Fixed issue with health being set to 20 when armor set was removed Fixed config for...

Latest reviews

After i left an actually good review of the plugin here, (when the bug was finally fixed) the dev still decided to go after me on discord and argue on whether i had the right to have a game breaking bug fixed on a paid plugin, or it was simply a favour of his to do so. from insults to his inability to understand that I simply wanted a working plugin for my money which took us 48 h from payment to do so. I cannot recommend this developer, simply because their behaviour on discord is childish and in no way professional. He even went as far as researching my music projects to then insult me for the quality of them!
I didn't even start it up again, it was someone else in my discord. Also, you said your music was good compared to my plugins, so I went to listen to it.

You are that type of person who thinks everyone in this world is wrong and they are right, so you can continue your mindset. I know my plugin is good, hundreds of others know it's good. You can have your opinion.
Would be a great plugin. It does however interfere with player stats. and every time you use one of the armors your players stats gets reset, if you have HP gaining features on your server this plugin will break them.

The dev recognized the issue said he was gonna fix it, and then simply disappeared from Discord to not be seen again for days.

Don't be fooled by stats like PvP Damage or PvE Damage, these are just lore, there is in fact only 1 damage type, when i asked about that in discord I was accused of having stolen this plugin and i did not get an answer until i could proof that i actually bought the plugin.

So be careful when asking about these things, they are stupid decisions the dev is obviously aware and embarrassed about and since it offends him to ask these things you might get banned or kicked off from discord.
"The dev recognized the issue said he was gonna fix it, and then simply disappeared from Discord to not be seen again for days."
I work full time during the weekdays and yesterday was no exception... I finished a day of work and said I'd have a quick nap then fix it. I fell asleep, oh my I should be executed for such behaviour. Also the user first messaged me 2 days ago...

Plus you were asked to verify, which you cried about for no reason. It's a simple process.
Also no one was banned :/
Great plugin! Cool Armor
Great plugin please add Message: effect
Great plugin highly recommend
Great plugin, however when players take off their gear sometimes it exists the players inventory. This will sometimes cause the item they are taking out off their inventory to fall onto the floor. Please can you fix this as i feel this is quiet a big error. Apart from that great plugin 5/5 would recommend.
Thanks for your review, I will fix that for you asap :D
Super useful plugin I love it so much thank you for making it.
it says its customization and it is very.
One of the most amazing plugins I've purchased so far, and the developer is easy to contact + responsive. I have so much respect for this developer, will be buying more products in the future.
Excellent plugin. I've had no issues and the author responds very quickly with no issues.
Amazing plugin! Works how I wanted it to, and is easy to configure for what I want! The developer also always updates and adds new content. A great plugin 10/10
Thank you so much for your review, it really meams alot to me.
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