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✨(HQ) NoCheatDeluxe | A quality auto-banning anticheat config.✨

Advanced NoCheatPlus configuration that can autoban with alerts for a cheap price.

  1. Deluxe Update |

    Tiny Update!

    Just updated the readme.txt file for new users. Please let me know what you guys want to see happen next with my NCP config and if you have any questions please contact me on discord (Jordan#4410) or on MCM.

    - Updated readme.txt
  2. Deluxe Update | 2.4.0

    Small fixes!

    Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I am working on fixing the issues you guys have been messaging me about. I am a little busy but I'm still testing this out so don't worry and I'll make sure to have more patches in soon, especially with the step/speed bug when players trip on carpets or heads. Thanks!

    - Patched speed issues and resolved a bug regarding false checks.
  3. Deluxe Update |

    Happy Spooky Season :)

    Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, still adjusting to school but ill make sure to push new updates every so often. Please make sure to contact me if you find an issue or want to see something added! (Jordan#4410)

    - Fixed reach string check.
  4. Deluxe Update | 2.3.9

    Updated speed check string.
  5. Deluxe Update | 2.3.8

    Checked and modified the criticals check due to an false ban error.
  6. Deluxe Update | 2.3.7

    Adjusted the Speed check threshold.
  7. Deluxe Update | 2.3.6

    Fixed fastbreak check.
  8. Deluxe Chat | 2.3.5

    Attempt fix no. 2 for carpet check bug.
  9. Deluxe Update | 2.3.4

    Attempt fix for walking on carpets/slab/lilypads bug.
  10. Deluxe Update | 2.3.3

    Updated the creativefly string check for more accurate detection.