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Forget about mob grinders and enchantment tables
Contributor: Matt


How many times did you want Sharpness 5 on your favorite Diamond Sword but did not have enough xp level or an enchantment table? Well those days are over, using the command /eshop you will open a GUI with all the enchantments available for your sword, and not only.




✦ Compact (only 1 menu)
✦ Only one command / permission - /eshop (
✦ Easy to install and use
✦ Displays different enchantments based on the player's item in hand
✦ All enchantments (except the new ones like mending)
✦ Supported items:
✦ Diamond / Iron Armor
✦ Diamond / Iron Tools
✦ Bow​
✦ Available designs:
✦ SaicoPvP
More will be added soon

Latest updates

  1. Version 1.2

    ADDED - Expansions are now available inside archive REMOVED - Javascript expansion (not needed...
  2. Version 1.1

    ADDED REMOVED CHANGED - The "no permission" message should be displayed right now

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