[CHEAP] Full Crazy Crates Config for Factions 3 Crates 43 Rewards 1.0

Cheap, Full Crazy Crates Config for Factions, 3 Crates, 43 Rewards
This configuration comes with 3 crates. Vote, Upgrade and Superior. Combined they have 43 rewards.
I've used it for factions server, but you can change up the content in it for your needs.
If you chose to buy the config and it doesn't run, message me and I will do my best to help you.

Plugins needed to run the config itself :
  • Crazy Crates (Link)
  • Vault (Link)
  • mcMMO (Link)
  • SilkSpawners (Link)
  • EssentialsX (Link)
  • PEX (Link) / GroupManager (Link)
  • Factions- If you want to run it for factions server. I recommend Factions UUID (Link) . It's stable, cheap and well updated.

Me reviewing the crates and unboxing all 3 of them.

P.E: The video is recorded and uploaded by my friend GreenEyeGM, due to my slow internet connection.
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