Dream Fish [1.8.x - 1.13.x] 4.4.6

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Latest updates

  1. AgarthaLib v2.17.1 || DreamFish v4.4.6

    DreamFish: Project: - Add License - Change to Maven
  2. AgarthaLib v2.17.1 || DreamFish v4.4.5

    DreamFish: System: - Add methods on PlayerFishingDatabase - Optimize all CommandArgument -...
  3. AgarthaLib v2.17 || DreamFish v4.4.4

    DreamFish: System: - Optimize MVDW Placeholder Replacer - Round Placeholder Value Placeholder...

Latest reviews

best fish plugin ever thank you for sharing free
thank you eux
Great, immersive plugin. Perfect for towny/survival servers!
thank you X001 for the review :)
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