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↪ 100% Customisable, Self-Hosted Donation Store 0% TAX BE YOUR OWN BOSS! ↪ Minecraft & Hytale

  1. 8qBIT

    Do you hate that you have to pay people to be able to automate Minecraft server donations? Oh so do I! this is why I made MyStore. MyStore is a PAY-ONE-TIME donation store that you can customize down to the bones! It comes with PayPal and other core payments like PaySafeCard, And it has its own Plugin for Bukkit, BungeeCord, SpongePowered, NukkitX & Hytale you don't hear that every day do you?

    MyStore is built with customizability in mind, even with a bit of HTML, CSS & Basic PHP knowledge you can integrate this store into any website.

    Join discord server here: https://discord.gg/PGXYBuq

    Bukkit support (Tested): [1.8 - 1.14.4]
    BungeeCord: [All]
    Bedrock support: [All]

    Hytale support will be available when we get access to the API.

    • Minecraft Bukkit Plugin.
    • Bungeecord Plugin.
    • SpongePowered Plugin.
    • Google captcha.
    • MySQL / Config hybrid configuration.
    • SQL injection proof.
    • Nice looking Bootstrap 4 Website with an admin control panel.
    • PayPal (One click payment)
    • G2A Pay
    • PaySafeCard payments (G2A Pay)
    • Extensive 80+ lines of configuration.
    • Free Technical Support.
    • Transaction-log
    • Purchase Chart
    • Product about page
    • Cupon codes
    • Multiple servers
    • Multiple commands per product
    • One-time purchasable products
    Plugin Features:
    • Banned commands
    • On donation broadcast
    • In-game commands (mystore, mystore reload)
    • Customizable /donate command
    • Brute-force prevention
    port: 6666
    # Password for web socket auth
    # Generate one here: https://passwordsgenerator.net/
    socket-password: "test"
    # Blocked commands
       - op
       - ban
       - banip
       - tempban
       - stop
       - restart
       - end
    # Your website link
    store-url: "https://store.my-website.org"
    # Message that will pop-up whenever somebody purchases something
    enable-broadcast: true
       - "&8&m----------------------------------------"
       - " "
       - "&a%player% &eJust donated for &5&l%item%"
       - " "
       - "&8&m----------------------------------------"
    ingame-command: "donate"
    ingame-command-text: "&e&lVisit our donation store here: &f"
    # Banned IP's (To prevent brute-force we ban requests with the wrong pass)
    banned-ips: []
    # Debug settings
    enable-info: true
    enable-warn: true

    Updates will come weekly, monthly.. please just wait.

    If you have any requests feel free to request in our private discord server or discussion.

    If you like the resource please leave a 5⭐️ review and be cool Kappa


    Look at attachments!

    If you are wondering at this moment "Why is the damn price so high man!" Let me tell you that projects like this cost $150-250 to make and you will probably make that money back in 2-3 donations because we take no fees. The whole project will also be actively updated.

    Another thing, if you want to host this on a web host we do not offer any support regarding it.


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Recent Updates

  1. Payment updates
  2. Payment updates
  3. Major fix for Nginx

Recent Reviews

  1. Nolex007
    Version: 4.3d
    We had a little quarrel with author.
    I have since apologized to him but he react like a kid and blocked me and won't give me support. The design is terrible and buggy.

    (For this review he taked my access for this resource :D)

    I do not recommend it at all
  2. ILoveJava
    Version: 4.3d
    I seen on the manual that we need to use a plugin on our server to use this shop.
    Where i can download the plugin ?
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for review.
      Simply login into admin panel and there should be download menu on the right!
  3. Kcarbray23
    Version: 4.3b
    Works great, Had a issue and the dev worked fast to fix it :)
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your review!
  4. Reinmine
    Version: 4.3b
    A great system works great. Class support is there for you right away.

    Ein super System funktioniert super. Klasse Support ist sofort für einen da.
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your review!
  5. hrznzero
    Version: 4.2.5
    Well I suppose the resource itself works as it does for most people. But the lack of information about what you need before you buy is... well meh.

    I got into contact with the devs and they responded pretty quick but in the end couldn't give a proper solution. It basicaly ended in "yeah your webhosting provider is shit, go and rent one at this page". They then sent a link to a russian webhost that has prices that are nothing more than pure scam. You can get 4-6 times the power for half the price of that page on other hosters...

    I mean ofc its not their fault that apparently my webhost isn't compatible. But they could at least give some kind of disclaimer of this. Their "depenecies" window includes informations about the system. Well I fulfilled all the requirements of that.

    I think the pricing is fair though. You receive the possibility to host your own donationstore without the fees that other pages require. A big down however is, that you need to bring a basic understanding of how you setup a php website. Given that you have to run it on Apache, you might also run into problems like having to manualy get an SSL-certificate, which can be pretty annoying to work through. And no, a webstore without an ssl is simply a shit idea.
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      You contacted us at 3 am, and later you were speaking to a customer which suggested you a host since you obviously do not know how to operate a web server on Debian. The application works fine for 40 customers isn't it a bit odd that nothing works for you?
  6. Wohaho
    Version: 4.2
    Great Resource , I am really glad to find something like that out and for cheaper, there is a lot of Stores which cost a lot of..
    So when I found this I really get the holy grail. And the support is really quickly, helpfully, friendly they doing everything to help you.
    I am recommend this Store it has really a lot of things such as premium version on Tibex and etc.. Even you will not spend any money for own store. Great job guys, I am waiting next update.
    Ste skvely ! Pokracuj ! <3
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your review!
  7. InvertMC
    Version: 3.5.1
    Great Resource with great support. Developers were fast and very helpful with the problems that arose
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your review!
  8. Troll_C
    Version: 3.4.1
    The resource is quite good, especially paypal.php and start.php files :D
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review.
  9. Trioxinz
    Version: 3.4.1
    As long as you know how to incorporate it and integrate within your website, granted you have PHP control; this self-hosted solution at this time cannot be beat. With this premade framework I was able to tweak heavily to get integration to my website seamless. We moved away from our old and decrepit self-coded and painstakingly stubborn donation system to the incredibly user-friendly rock-solid express checkout API with PayPal through this framework. On top of this the developers are very quick to respond to concerns or bugs you may have. If you don’t like images and would like to see what this framework can really do, why not check my adaptation of the MyStore PRO at:

    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your review, This store was truly designed with customisability in mind and we are really happy to see how your site turned out!
  10. PsyberTech
    Version: 3.4
    Om my is this fantastic! No heavy instructions needed! Just fill in info on 2 files and you are online! We love it! DeityMine.com
    1. 8qBIT
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your review!