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(5$) ↢ zHub ↣ ↺ Quality Hub Core ↻ [1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY] [#1 HUB CORE ON MCM] [ALL VERSIONS] v1.0.5

The hub plugin you need!

  1. MizuleDevelopment
    Supported MC Versions:
    All versions
    Req. Server Software:
    zHub - The hub plugin you need!

    Developed by Cole Edwards (Cole E) and FigT
    An official Alpha Development Plugin


    • Anti Block Break
    • Anti Block Place
    • Chat Format
    • Anti Chat
    • Anti Damage
    • Anti Drag
    • Anti Drop
    • Anti Hunger
    • Join Message Toggleable
    • Join Message Sent on join
    • Spawn system
    • Hub Speed
    • Sound sent on join
    • Anti Pickup
    • Anti Quit
    • Anti Trample
    • Anti Weather
    • EnderButt
    • Double Jump
    • Navigator
    • Unlimited Servers in Navigator
    • Non laggy
    • Fully customisable tablist
    • Fully Customisable Nametags
    • EzQueue Support
    • Quartz Support
    • Portal Support
    • Link Support
    • Nucleus Support
    • Zoot Support
    • Vault Support
    • Core Support
    • AquaCore Support
    • Module System
    • PlaceholderAPI Support
    • 1.7-1.14 Support
    • Friendly Developers
    • Frequent Updates

    • PlaceholderAPI
    Test Server
    • Join the Alpha Development Discord and create a ticket with your IGN saying you'd like to test out zHub
    • JAR - $5.00
    • SRC - Undisclosed fee
    Resource - https://www.mc-market.org/resources/8283/

    Alpha Development Discord


    Other things:

    1) You may not redistribute the plugin
    2) You may not sell the plugin to anyone.
    3) I have the right to terminate your license key
    4) You may not decompile the plugin if your purchase the JAR
    5) You can pay with PayPal F&F or PayPal G&S
    6) You cannot chargeback after sending the money
    7) There is a no refund policy
    :cool: I can change this terms of service without notice

    Can't be bothered to fully document this so just use common sense

    package dev.alpha.zhub.api;
    import dev.alpha.zhub.playerinvisibility.PlayerInvisibilityListener;
    import dev.alpha.zhub.queue.Queue;
    import dev.alpha.zhub.rank.Rank;
    import dev.alpha.zhub.zHub;
    import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    import org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin;
    public class zHubAPI {
        public zHubAPI(JavaPlugin plugin) {
            zHub.log("Recognised the plugin " + plugin.getName() + " (v" + plugin.getDescription().getVersion() + ")  using the zHub Developer's API!");
        public void setRankPlugin(Rank rankPlugin) {
        public void setQueuePlugin(Queue queuePlugin) {
        public boolean hasPlayerInvisibilityDisabled(Player player) {
            return PlayerInvisibilityListener.playerVisDisabled.contains(player);
        public boolean canUsePlayerInvisibility(Player player) {
            return PlayerInvisibilityListener.cannotUse.contains(player);
    Rank and Queue is an interface

    Thank you! Have a great day.


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    5. upload_2018-11-26_19-6-9.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. JesusMX01
    Version: v1.0.4
    bug permissionex :( xd
  2. Dawn4life
    Version: v1.0.4
    great hub core out there
  3. GoogleMyKyries
    Version: v1.0.3
    Amazing plugin! Works fine without any errors nor issues. I would really recommend this to anyone!!
  4. Bluffers
    Version: v1.0.3
    Decent Support, there is a bug with lobby-selector, overall good plugin.
  5. Quartar
    Version: v1.0.3
    great core and ready to use!
  6. SkidsRUs
    Version: v1.0.3
    4.5 Stars.

    Great plugin, but it is lacking some things here and there. First, being the support and license system. The developer constantly is improving the system which is great, however, he then brags about it in the discord and as a client, no one wants to hear about that.

    Second, the default configuration is very bland. Almost every server with the plugin doesn't change the configuration besides the links. This is because, in my opinion, the configuration isn't built the best, however its not the biggest issue.

    Last, I have run into countless errors from the server hub compass not working, and then being required to set a certain permission plugin, and thankfully these bugs where fixed, however, the support took over 3 days to complete these request. The support is slow and Cole can be a bit inactive during periods of time which is annoying, however it happens.

    Overall, I will say the plugin is worth the $5. Its really well done, protected from leaks, and I feel safe using it.
  7. CCheck.
    Version: v1.0.3
    The good plugin looks very good.
  8. Nyolu
    Version: v1.0.2
    Good hub core and very configurable!
  9. Beats_Studio3
    Version: v1.0.2
    Good core, amazing plugin and developers!
  10. Travis.
    Version: v1.0.2
    A good hub plugin, but is lacking:
    - When a player falls into the void, they are not teleported back to the hub spawn point.

    Issues (I already notified them on these issues via their GitHub page.)
    - When you turn off filler for the navigator, the filler is still present.

    Support is also very slow, but that really an issue with the plugin itself. Otherwise this plugin works as expected.
    1. MizuleDevelopment
      Author's Response
      All tickets are answered within 12 hours, suggestions are for the discord and the bug will be fixed in the next update.