Beautiful Factions Top Config [unmaintained] 2.0

A clean Factions Top GUI for Factions Top GUI.
1. Install FactionsTop
2. Start your server to generate default configs.
3. Purchase my config (thanks :D)
4. Unzip the file provided.
5. Replace all the necessary files.
6. Make any edits necessary.
7. Start your server and enjoy


This config already has all block values, item values, and spawner values configurated, as well as an aesthetic GUI. Just drag, drop, and play!

Factions Top
MassiveCore Factions or FactionsUUID
Basic Knowledge

I would recommend setting up a command alias, where /f top executes /ftop.​

Latest updates

  1. Updated to 2.0 Config of Factions Top

    Updated to 2.0 Config of Factions Top
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