FFA Setup ToxicGR Setups 2.2

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  • Menus
  • Main Menu
  • Main Menu as the main says is the Main or Head Menu of the server. In that Menu you will find all of the others Menus ( Kits, Potions Effects and Shop )
  • cZnZpRy.png
  • Kits
    • Kits menu is the main menu of the servers kit selectors menus. In that Menu you will find 2 other menus the Member Kits Menu and the Donator Kits Menu. All user can see both of the Menus but only Donators can claim the Kits that Donator Kits Menu Has.
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  • Member Kits Menu
  • Member Kits menu is the kit selector menu for all the users. In that menu you will find 3 deferent Kits ( Fighter, Archer, Moleman). That every user can select and Upgrade to the next Level. Currently their are 5 with upgrade making the kit better.
  • VzWbdmD.png
  • Donator Kits Menu
  • Donator Kits Menu is the Kit selector for the Server Donators. Only donators can claim the kits from that menu. Every Rank Has his own Kit. Their are 3 Kits and 3 Rank ( Warrior, Hero, Master ).
  • ouZzoi1.png
  • Potion Effects Menu
  • Potion Effects Menu is the meu that every user can unlock any of the 3 deferent potion effects ( Speed, Fire Resistance, Haste ) and use for the rest of their playtime.
  • pSODHfm.png
  • Shop Menu
  • Shop Menu is the server Shop. In that menu you can buy 4 items ( more coming soon! ) and upgrade your vault slots. ( Can go up to a fully Double Chest ).
  • 2lTtPyU.png
  • ScoreBoard
  • ScoreBoard is a left site Board that has information for the player. For example the Player Balance, The Level , Enemy Health and much more.
  • 7e9VPXt.png
  • CoinBox Event
  • CointBox event is a pretty similar event to Envoy. But in that event when you claim a CoinBox you will not receive items but only Coins that are the main Currency.
  • BX52aHR.png
  • Leveling System
  • We are using a Level System that is working with player Kills. When a player get a Kill it counts for his next " Rank". To get to the next rank you need 25 kills. Each rank gives you a prefix but you can use some ideas of your own. We also reward players when they get a killstreak with Coins.
  • Delayed Blocks
    • Kits now contain blocks. Each time a block from a kit gets placed it will have 20 seconds before it disappears. if you want to change the block. Please message me to give you some instructions.
  • AntiCheat
  • For AnitCheat we are using the default config of NoCheatPlus. You can use any AntiCheat you want and you will not have any issues. If you want to use NoCheatPlus you can always buy the one that MarkElf made ( https://www.mc-market.org/resources/475/ ) is working 100% with our setup.
  • Lag-Free
  • Our Setup is 100% lag free because we only use 36 plugins to make it and only 2 are Premium! Of course our Setup can work with out the 2 Premium Plugins ( FeatherBoard and SkillsPro ).
  • Map
    • Our map has been made for that setup. Is a Full Custom FFA Map that is PvP Friendly for the best PvP Experience.
Premium Plugins
  • As I already say we are only Using 1 Premium plugin that is optional. The setup runs better without it. But you still have the option to use it!

Map Show - Trailer

Cost: Free
Test Server: toxicffa.my.pebble.host


You are not allowed to Sell this Setup
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If you break any of these rules a scam report will be open against you.


Map made by Xirial and his Team.

Configs and the Setup Made by ToxicGR.

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Latest reviews

is this free? Is like a premium Nice work bro best setup Keep Going!!
Just tested, It was insane. My friends and I had so much fun! Great FFA. Also, It was insane amazing job :)
Good setup, i hope u will make more in feature!
Thanks a lot for the review. More Setups and plugins config soon! Some for free as well!



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