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EpicRewards - Encourage players to be active 1.8

An effective Daily Reward plugin allowing you to reward constant activity on your server.

  1. Stefatorus


    (!) Note: This plugin is designed to work with all 1.8-1.12 versions, but the default config only includes 1.12 sound values. People who want to use this plugin for older versions must configure the plugin with the old sound names. This shouldn't take a lot, but if you have any issues, contact me on the technical support discord provided at the bottom of the plugin page.

    EpicRewards is a simple-to-use and highly efficient way of encouraging activity on your server, including catchy animations and a good configurability that allows you to customize this plugin to your liking.
    EpicRewards is highly customizable and easily works along other plugins to offer countless possibilities.

    Video Showcase:
    A quick video explaining how epicrewards works and how to set custom rewards.




    • epicrewards.admin - Access to administration commands.

    Money Bags:
    Moneybags allow you to give money physically to players. This is much more cosmetically pleasing, interesting; and can be used for the daily reward feature or even with other plugins!

    Magic Rain:
    Magic rain items allow players to summon a item rain that will drop the items set by you using /er setmagicrain. It is nicely animated to provide a sense of pride when opening it.

    Command Box:
    A command box allows you to give players a command in a box! People can simply right click the commandbox to execute a command that you set in the console! It also includes placeholders.

    PlaceholderAPI Support:
    EpicRewards has placeholderapi placeholders including:
    Streak: %epicrewards_streak%
    Remaining time to claim: %epicrewards_remaining%

    How to set the Rewards:
    The rewards system is pretty easy to use and extremely viable. You can use any item (including NBT data) with EpicRewards, which includes custom item names, custom block data or even filled shulker boxes!
    1. Clear your inventory of all unrelated items.
    2. Add the reward items to your inventory. Items will retain their full metadata.
    3. Use the following command to save the reward:
      /epicrewards setrewards [DAY TO SAVE]

    The config is very simple to understand and even cosmetic features are configurable.

    Why Buy EpicRewards:
    • Well Optimized - EpicRewards was created and tested to be highly efficient on even low-range equipment. The plugin itself is very light-weight and efficient.
    • Deluxe Support - I offer support as soon as I can, and I love to get feedback and to implement requested features.
    • Attractive to players - This plugin is made to satisfy both owners and players: it's simple to understand yet really good on the technical side too.
    • Modern code - EpicRewards is coded in a modern fashion: very few duplicate lines, and easy to work on modular code. This leads to bug prevention and faster update times for you.

    Proof of Ownership:

    Technical Support:
    Do you have any issue or feedback? Make sure to notify me on discord, and i'll happily help you. You can join it by clicking the image or here.
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Recent Reviews

  1. tuti
    Version: 1.4
    Please add messages and prefix config to this plugin
  2. Gojan1
    Version: 1.4
    love it. i added it to my server along with citizens, players really love it.
  3. Just
    Version: 1.3
    This is a really cool plugin. It offers a lot functions and makes the server unique. I can't say very much about it. It's just amazing. Keep your good work :)
    + Amazing Discord Support