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⭐️COREBOT⭐️ | Discord Bot with 95+ Features | XP+Coin System | Ticket System | Giveaway System 3.4.0

Custom Discord Bot Made for any server with 95+ features

  1. Revive Team
    [!] Discord Support
    Please note that these terms were accepted right when the payment was made and that these terms are subject to change at a moments notice. Not following this terms can result in a permanent or temporary suspension from our products, and a bad reputation comment. Thank you for your cooperation. ToS: 1) (Refunding) Since the items you receive when purchasing are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict NO refund policy. Executing a chargeback/dispute will get you suspended from buying all of our products. 2) Leaking or redistributing any our products is not allowed. 3) Leaving a bad review without contacting us (Revive Team) to try and get your situation sorted is not allowed 4) Leaving unreasonable review can result in a permanent or temporary suspension from our products is not allowed If you have any issues or questions please contact us over Discord, Diamond#0010, or from email at, [email protected]. Other than that, we hope you enjoy your product and use Revive Services in the future! Sign - DiamondRushXD, Alex, & Revive Team
    Corebot's Full Feature List:
    Ticket System
    - Add Command
    - Remove Command
    - New Command (opens a ticket)
    - Configurable channel topics
    - Close Command
    - msg Command
    - Send a message to all users
    - Send a message all users with a certain role
    - Send a message to a specified user
    - Send a message to all tickets
    - Closeall Command (Closes all tickets)
    - Coin System
    - Cointop Command
    - Buy Command
    - Shop Command
    - Coins Command
    - Slots Command
    - Give Command
    Leveling System
    - Level/XP System
    - Level Command
    - Leveltop Command
    - Permission Inheritance System
    - Chat Logs
    - Blacklist certain channels
    - Ticket Logs
    - Punishment Logs
    - Only allow commands in a certain channel
    - Staff Bypass
    - Accept Suggestions
    - Deny Suggestions
    - Say Command
    - Update Command (Create updates)
    - Vote Command (Create a poll/vote)
    - Announce Command
    - Tags everyone (configurable)
    - Ban Command
    - Blacklist Command
    - Clear Command
    - Filter System
    - Filter Customization Command
    - Kick Command
    - Lock Command (puts a channel on lockdown)
    - Unlock Command (turns off lockdown mode)
    - Mute Command
    - Tempmute Command
    - Unban Command
    - Unmute Command
    - Tempmute Command
    - Report Command
    - Anti-advertisement System
    - Staff Bypass
    - Whitelist Websites
    - Checks user's statues for advertisements
    Giveaway System
    - gcreate Command
    - gdelete Command
    - greroll Command
    - Minecraft Server Status Command
    Social Media/Games
    - Links Command
    - IP Command
    - Auto-response system (Respond to messages automatically)
    - Ping Command
    - Remind Command
    - Google Command
    - Verification System
    - Temporary Voice Channels
    - Role Menu
    - Multiple Role Menus
    - Suggest Command
    - Bugreport Command
    - Help Command
    - Member Help Menu
    - Staff Help Menu
    - Configurable
    - Join Messages
    - Configurable
    - Option to DM User the message
    - Leave Messages
    - Configurable
    - Invite Rewards
    Bot Configuration
    - Install Command (Sets your server up for Corebot)
    - Key Command (Install addons)
    - Activate Command (Activates your bot)
    - Setprefix Command
    - Setstatus Command
    - Debug Command
    - Config File
    - Configurable permissions
    - 100% Customizable
    - Toggle commands and modules
    - Toggle bot commands channel
    - Language File
    - Toggleable Embed Feature
    - Variables for Join and Leave Messages
    - All bot messages are embeds

Recent Updates

  1. CoreBot v3.4.0
  2. Message Embeds
  3. Corebot 3.2

Recent Reviews

  1. Dezandcourttv
    Version: 3.4.0
    Recently I purchased this bot, and so far it has been outstanding. The configuration is easy to navigate, and the code is extremely clean. Support is also extremely helpful, responding in a timely manner. I suggest this bot to anyone looking for a premade bot, as it has many features and addons which can be bought/received later.
  2. LloydX
    Version: 3.4.0
    Loving the bot, Recently purchased and got my key within 10 mins :)
    Thanks ItzEmerald
  3. MrWolfiiCZ
    Version: 3.4.0
    I really love CoreBot's giveaway and ticket system. Thats why I was wondering about buying it and Iam really happy that I won giveaway for CoreBot..
    I wasnt able to start bot because of error on line 26 in botupdate.js, but its working after deleting that file.. this deserves more than 5 stars.. amazing job!
  4. Balker
    Version: 3.4.0
    Using this bot already like 5 months, works perfectly. Support is amazingly fast, keep it up
  5. RusticMC
    Version: 3.4.0
    Very satisfied best bot i have ever used highly recommended
  6. 21pandaplays
    Version: 3.4.0
    I don't normally give feedback on purchases but this bot blew me away. First off the staff team is very helpful, even when they don't need to. Verifying the purchase went even faster than i thought it would. I had my key within 10minutes of purchasing the bot. Now about the bot, the bot is very well written and is very easy to modify to your likings. All of the main configurations is stored in a config.yml file making it very easy to modify your bot with ease. They are constantly updating the bot in their discord and keep releasing updates. This bot is definitely worth the purchase and will not give you buyers regret.
  7. FabianH
    Version: 3.4.0
    Great support. purchase verifying process went quicker than i expected. Also the staff i had to deal with was quite professional and nice in person. I'm looking forward to see what the bot will be able to do in the future. currently the feature list is quite impressive.
  8. FourSide
    Version: 3.4.0
    This discord bot is all I needed, I don't need to use several public bots when this bot does everything must public bots do. This is a bot you should definitely get for any type of server/community.
  9. Splatoonman
    Version: 3.3
    Great Discord Bot also really good support
  10. cooleepicminer
    Version: 3.3
    A great bot with amazing support A must-have for any kind of discord server