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Corebot - The BEST multipurpose Discord bot on the market.

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* Notice: Corebot will not run without a license key. You can receive your license key by verifying in the official Corebot Discord server ( Once you purchase the bot, head over to our Discord server, create a Verification ticket, then provide the information the bot asks for. Your key may automatically be created, or you may have to wait for a Management member (Alex or ThisLightMan) to create a key for you.

Latest updates

  1. Corebot v4.5.0

    Corebot v4.5.0 Major Changes Updated to Discord.js v13 Implemented all Discord.js v13 features...
  2. Corebot v4.4.4 - Bug Fixes

    Corebot v4.4.4 Fixed: - Fixed a bug that caused the enabled status of a command from an addon...
  3. Corebot v4.4.3 - Bug Fixes

    Corebot v4.4.3 Changelog: - Added back the channel blacklist for the channel update event -...

Latest reviews

thats its so cool and amazing i rlly like it
Bought this bot a few weeks ago. I like that it's self hosted, I can configure almost anything, and has a nice addon system. I have replaced several bots with this one. Can highly recommend.
The bot is very good and cool !
But I have multiple same errors. But the configuration is complete and very intuitive !
Bot very complete
but a little to hard to understand at first (support is fast so it's ok)
The best bost ever i seen!
Nice to work with
Great bot, lots of options
Onto my second year of using this bot now. Honestly couldn't find anything better. Fills all my needs. Couldn't ask for more
A complete bot.


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