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Corebot - The BEST multipurpose Discord bot on the market.
thats its so cool and amazing i rlly like it
Bought this bot a few weeks ago. I like that it's self hosted, I can configure almost anything, and has a nice addon system. I have replaced several bots with this one. Can highly recommend.
The bot is very good and cool !
But I have multiple same errors. But the configuration is complete and very intuitive !
Bot very complete
but a little to hard to understand at first (support is fast so it's ok)
The best bost ever i seen!
Nice to work with
Great bot, lots of options
Onto my second year of using this bot now. Honestly couldn't find anything better. Fills all my needs. Couldn't ask for more
A complete bot.
great bot
Best bot
Great bot with loads of features and easy to set up and configure for your own discord server and helpful support team.
Would recommend to anyone who would like to self host are even host of a site
One of the best bots I’ve used! Would like some features edited but all in all this is pog
So far, great bot! Would be so much more amazing if it came with a Bot Dashboard!
The best bot ever!
very good!
Very good bot. Does everything and more!
Thanks for the review!
Great bot with loads of features. Easy to set up and configure.
Would recommend
We appreciate your review!
This bot has tons of features which I find very useful! It's nice to have it self-hosted on my own end to customize it how I want it.
Thanks for your review!
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