4x Server Events (Assault Course, Treasure Hunts, Etc) 2018-10-02

A variety of cool events you can host on your server
4x Fun Server Events - These fun events can be imported onto your server and hosted periodically, or for holidays such as Christmas, a must have for servers looking to engage their playerbase!

- Treasure hunt | A dense jungle with hidden treasures, fill up the chests with valuable items then allow your players to hunt them down!

- Assault course | A long assault course surrounded by amazing mountains, get passed difficult obstacles and strange puzzles to reach the finishing line!
- Snowwy Spleef | A spleef arena in the centre of snow covered mountains, break the blocks beneath a player to make them fall, the last one standing wins!

- Maze | A long and unforgiving maze, enter this endless labyrinth, and find the prizes hidden within.

Latest reviews

Maze map is great and treasure, but you can't teleport to the the other worlds as it says hole in the ground get a fix for this and I'll change my review
This, Is, Amazing. I've already hosted several events using this map and the feedback from the community was great :D, I made Treasure Hunt map my envoy map, Assault course as my parkour, Spleef, well, Spleef event and Maze my Maze event xD. Thanks for the map! 100% recommend.
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