Envoys - The Ultimate Supply Drop Plugin 5.4.10

Random locations, tiers, holograms, simple in-game config editing, Placeholder API support and more
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Envoys now works with 1.13 (and 1.14), whilst maintaining backwards compatibility with versions from 1.8 upwards.

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Test Server
perkelle.com:26005 | Everyone has envoys.* | Envoy tiers are tier1 and tier2

Envoys is a very configurable envoy/supply drop plugin. You can set locations for envoys (Loot chests) which will respawn every x seconds with loot configurable in the configuration file or, you can let them spawn randomly around your worlds.
  • Highly configurable
  • Detailed documentation
  • (Multiple!) Commands as prizes
  • Simple in-game editing GUI
  • Different tiers of envoy
  • Random locations
  • Chances
  • Holograms
  • Remaining envoys deleted on refill
  • Worldguard integration
  • Fireworks on open
  • PlaceholderAPI support (including PlaceholderAPI cloud)
  • Flares
  • Pre-set locations
  • Efficient refill algorithm
  • Easy to add items
  • Random spawning in a pre-set zone
  • Notify the player if the envoy has already been looted (set lang.already-opened to "" to disable)
  • Delete envoys on open / refill
  • Option to start refill countdown after envoy is opened
  • (Partial) NBT support (See below for more information)
  • Comprehensive developer API
  • Update checker
  • Active development

Trial / Lite version
If you wish to test the basic features of the plugin (only pre-set locations + item rewards), I released a Lite version here.

/envoy - About command
/envoy create - Creates a new location for envoys to spawn at, at your current location
/envoy remove [ID] - Removes an envoy, the IDs are all listed in the configuration file with their locations
/envoy refill - Force refill all envoys and generate new if you have random locations on
/envoy amount - Displays how many envoys there are
/envoy list - Displays all envoy IDs, worlds, X positions, Y positions and Z positions
/envoy additem [Name] [Chance] - Adds the item in your hand to your config
/envoy reload - Reloads the configuration
/envoy savedata - Saves the data file (envoys.yml)
/envoy current - Shows the user a list of the current envoys on the ground
/envoy giveflare [Name] [Tier] - Gives a flare to a user that calls in a certain tier envoy
/envoy edit - Opens the envoy editing GUI

envoys.* - Gives you access to all permissions
envoys.create - Gives you permission to use /envoy create
envoys.remove - Gives you permission to use /envoy remove [ID]
envoys.refill - Gives you permission to use /envoy refill
envoys.amount - Gives you permission to use /envoy amount
envoys.list - Gives you permission to use /envoy list
envoys.help - Gives you permission to use /envoy help
envoys.additem - Gives you permission to use /envoy additem
envoys.reload - Gives you permission to use /envoy reload
envoys.savedata - Gives you permission to use /envoy savedata
envoys.currentenvoys - Gives you permission for /envoy current
envoys.giveflare - Gives you permission for /envoy giveflare
envoys.edit - Gives you permission for /envoy edit

Documentation: https://github.com/Dot-Rar/Envoys/wiki

The Envoys wiki is extremely detailed. If you have further queries, feel free to open a ticket or send me a PM.

Questions & Bugs
If you have any questions or find any bugs, you can join our support server here: https://discord.gg/ENcFqWV

We also have a Trello board so you can see what I am working on: https://trello.com/b/RmVQnkRd/envoys


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Wiki: https://github.com/Dot-Rar/Envoys/wiki

Discord support server: https://discord.gg/ENcFqWV

config-version: 44

  prefix: '&8[&4Envoys&8] &4' #The prefix to all messages
  no-permission: 'You do not have permission for this' #No permission
  setup-finished: 'Envoy setup successfully' #When an envoy is successfully created
  not-a-valid-id: 'That ID does not exist / is not valid' #When you try to remove an envoy but there is no envoy with the ID you specified
  removed-envoy: 'Successfully removed envoy.' #When an envoy is successfully removed
  envoys-refilled: 'ALL ENVOYS HAVE BEEN REFILLED' #When envoys are refilled
  amount: 'There are %amount envoys (%worldAmount in your world)' #The response to the amount sub-command
  list: '%id (%tier) - World: %world X: %x Y: %y Z: %z' #The response to the list sub-command
  random-envoy-locations: 'An envoy spawned at World: %world X: %x Y: %y Z: %z!' #If random-location.broadcast-locations is set to true, for every random envoy spawned, this message will be displayed
  reload: 'Reloaded successfully'
  data-saved: 'Data file saved successfully'
  invalid-syntax: 'Invalid syntax, type /envoys help for help'
  add-item-no-name-or-chance: 'You must specify a name and a chance' #If /envoys additem is entered with 0 or 1 arguments
  no-item-in-hand: 'You must have an item in your hand' #If /envoys additem is entered without an item in the user's hand
  name-already-exists: 'This name already exists in the config' #If /envoys additem is entered and the name specified already exists under contents in the config
  added-item: 'Successfully added item' #When an item is successfully added to the contents
  broadcast-open-message: '%player opened an envoy at %world, %x, %y, %z' #Set broadcast-on-open to false to disable
  called-drop: 'You have called a drop in!'
  already-opened: 'This envoy was already opened %minutes minutes ago!'
    top: 'Current envoys'
  line: 'There is an %tier envoy at: %world, %x, %y, %z'

    tier1: #envoy name
  chance: 70 #Chances should add up to 100
  items: #A list of items this envoy should contain from the items section below
  - token
        - my_item_1
        - announcement
    tier2: #envoy name
  chance: 30 #Chances should add up to 100
  items: #A list of items this envoy should contain from the items section below
  - another_item
      type: item
      chance: 70
      id: 276
      data: 0
      name: '&4My &9Item'
  amount: 3
      - '&3Lore &4Line &21'
  - '&3Lore &4Line &12'
      - 'DAMAGE_ALL,5'

      type: item
      chance: 32
      id: 364
      data: 0
      name: 'Another item'
  amount: 64

      type: item
      chance: 78.9
      id: 339
      data: 0
      name: '&9Token'
  amount: 1
      - '&3This is a crate token'
  - '&eRight click a crate to open it'
      - 'ARROW_INFINITE,10'
        - type: STRING
          key: key1
          value: value
        - type: INT
          key: key2
          value: 12267

      type: command
      chance: 100
        - 'say &a%player has just opened an %envoy_type envoy!'
  - 'say &9command 2 here'

  enabled: true
  text: '&b%tier Envoy'

envoys-refilled-by-command-only: false #Should the envoys reset after a set amount of time or only be reset by a command?
envoy-refill-delay: 1800 #How often the envoys refill, in seconds

tell-if-already-opened: false #Tell the user if the envoy was previously opened

updates-per-second: 5 #How many envoys should be created per second when refilling?

random-location: #Envoys can be created at random locations each time
  enabled: false #To enable random envoys, set this to true
  amount: 50 #The amount of random envoys you would like created each time
  min-x: -10000 # Minimum random X location
  min-z: -10000 # Minimum random Z location
  max-x: 10000 # Maximum random X location
  max-z: 10000 # Maximum  random Z location
  always-on-top: true #If set to true, the envoys will always spawn at the highest block so they are not underground
  custom-y: 200 #If always-on-top is set to false, the envoys will be spawned at this y level
  disabled-worlds: #You can disable random envoys for specific worlds
  - 'world1'
  - 'exampleWorld'
    enabled: false #If set to true, the locations of random envoys will be broadcasted.
  only-to-players-in-same-world: true
  only-refill-random-location-envoys: false #If set to true, only random location envoys will be spawned every x seconds (set in envoy-refill-delay)
  delete-old-envoys: true #If set to true, when new random envoys spawn, the old ones will be deleted.
  worldguard-integration: #For help configuring this section, see the "Worldguard Integration" section at http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/20357
  enabled: false
    type: everywhere #Either "everywhere", "blacklist" or "whitelist"
  blacklisted-regions: #Envoys WON'T spawn in these regions if type is set to "blacklist"
  - region1
    - region2
    whitelisted-regions: #Envoys will only spawn in these regions if type set to "whitelist"
        amount: 3 #ignores the "amount" value up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  world: world
        amount: 5
        world: world
  - tier1
  - tier2

max-items: 5 #Max items in a chest
min-items: 1 #Minimum items in a chest

  enabled: true #Should a firework be spawned when somebody opens an envoy?
  power: 2 #Value between 1 and 5. Determines how big the firework is
  flicker: false #Should the firework flicker?
  trail: true #Should the firework have a trail
  type: STAR #Any from this list: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/FireworkEffect.Type.html (BALL, BALL_LARGE, BURST, CREEPER)
  colors: #A list of colours from here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Color.html
  - RED
    - WHITE
    - YELLOW

delete-after-open: true #Should the envoy be deleted after it is opened?
broadcast-on-open: false #When a player opens an envoy, should the lang.broadcast-open-message message be broadcasted?

  enabled: true
  material: REDSTONE_TORCH_ON # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html
  name: '&cCall envoy'
  tier-color: 'c'
  - '&cRight click this item'
  - '&cto call an envoy'
  broadcast-on-place: '%player called an envoy in at %x, %y, %z' # Message to be broadcasted when the player places the flare
  broadcast-location: false # Should the location be broadcasted when the envoy is dropped
  wait-time: 0 # How long until the envoy should be placed in seconds

  60: '60 seconds until refill'
  120: '120 seconds until refill'

start-refill-countdown-after-opened: false # Should we only refill envoys x minutes after they are opened?

refilled-message-worlds: # In which worlds should the lang.envoys-refilled message be announced?
  - world
  - world_nether
  - world_the_end

Latest updates

  1. v5.4.10

    Changelog since v5.4.3: Don't display refill announcements if the minimum player threshold...
  2. v5.4.3

    v5.4.3 changelog: Make start-refill-countdown-after-opened apply to random locations v5.4.2...
  3. v5.4.1

    v5.3.9: Add some extra checks to see if config-version was damaged v5.4.0: Load chunks async...



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