FoxSpigot |1.8.8 | HitDetection| Multi Threading | Knockback | Jesica Client Crash Fix | EntityHider 2.5

Best spigot for PvP Servers, like Practice servers.

Latest updates

  1. v2.5

    Fixed Chunk loading and unloading issue Changed /knockback command colors If you are using...
  2. v2.4

    Added auto update system all the old versions will stop work so please update to this version...
  3. v2.3

    Fixed log4j backport exploit

Latest reviews

Amazing Spigot, and really cool and professional developer!
Good and cheat, buy it, best spigot for practice!
It works as it should, yes.

However, the support leaves much to be desired and its licensing system is constantly flawed, so that if you just restart a server, it cannot start.

It is a good fork and if I would recommend its use, however, there are things that have to be improved, since it overshadows the rest.
FoxSpigot works well, pvp is much better than Spigot vanilla or paper, it's worth buying
Good resource and very well optimized, the kb that will be achieved is quite good. I hope an update soon
Good Server performance
This is a great spigot for practice server it boosts your serer performance with a nice smooth knockback
Great spigot has good performance really good custom kb and some other stuff really recommend you to use it
good the best supplement I have ever tasted in my life
Not worth the price. Combo hits doesn't work. Can't use CustomHitDelay with a paid resource.
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