CustomsVoidChest (1.7 - 1.12) 1.0.3

Ever wanted a simple voidchest plugin that works with FactionsUUID & ASkyBlock choose this

Hi I've made a VoidChest plugin that is able to make use of both FactionsUUID & ASkyBlock which makes it easily useable for any server running either of these plugins.

This plugin allows you to have your players sell the items in a voidchest on a set interval (this can be both slowed down & sped up if needed in the config)
Your able to add any item you want to be able to sell in the Items.yml file
If you don't want the faction bank or the Island leader to get the money that is made with the selling of the items you are also able to set it so the block placer gets the money in the config if you desire to do so

If you are running FactionsUUID/SavageFactions you will be having to enable econ (/f config econEnabled true) if you are looking to give the money to the faction bank)

Optional Dependencys:
FactionsUUID / SavageFactions
ASkyBlock / SuperiorSkyBlock


/GiveVoidChest <Player> <Amount>
/VoidChest Reload Reloads the configuration files


Latest updates

  1. Update

    Redesign default config Redo some code
  2. Disable some debug code if debugging mode wasnt enabled

  3. Added debug mode

    Added a debug mode
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