AntiCheatNotifications - Don't Let These Cheaters Get Away! 30% SALE 1.6

An addon for anticheats, that's sends discord alerts when player fails a check! 30% SALE
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AntiCheatNotifications - Is a must have plugin for server owners who want to have an eye on the cheaters while not online!


  • Fully Customizable
  • Supports Reflex, Spartan, AAC, Fiona (If you don't see your anticheat, join my discord and ask for it, I'll implement it as fast as I can)
  • Fast Support
  • PlaceholderAPI support

#Provide a discord bot token here. To create one:
bot token: ""
#There's 4 available status: OFFLINE, DO_NOT_DISTURB, ONLINE, INVISIBLE,
bot status: "ONLINE"

#This will make so the bot turns on on report, and off after if value is true
turn bot on only when reporing: false

#What bot is playing?
bot playing: "Catching hackers!"

#Channel id of the notifications. Bot must have access to send messages!
bot channel id: ""

#This is what's going to be sent after a cheater has failed a check!

  #You can also use emojis here, just type them out with ::. e.x: :smile:

  #There's few variables here: $ping, $player, $cheat, $tps, $tags
  #Tags is only available for Reflex!
  #If a field is empty it will remove it from the message!
  #You can also use PlaceholderAPI placeholders here!
  #^^ Applies in any message bellow

  #Title for the embed
  title: "**$player** has failed a check!"

  #The RBG or HEX color for the embed color
  #You can make them in a list, so it will choose a random out of the list!
  #With a list it would look like:
  #- "rgb(255, 2, 54)"
  #- "rgb(255, 255, 0)"

  color: "255, 255, 0" #Yellow

  #This is where things get tricky, you can either make one field as a description, or you can make multiple fields
  #Or you can use both. In this config, I will be using both
  #Description can only be used once, as first line!
  #<-> = splitter in fields

    - "Hey! I found a cheater! he's name is $player"
    - "field{name=TPS<->value=TEST}"

To setup the plugin, it's pretty straight forward
Following config.yml.

First you gotta set the bot token, don't have a bot?
Create it at
Then you gotta do the bot channel id, right click on a text channel in your discord and click "Copy Id", if you don't have the button Copy Id, go to Settings ->
Appearance -> Developer Mode make sure that's turned on.

There's one command /acn reload - permission: acn.reload

Latest updates

  1. Fixes Spartan TEST debug & discord inline embed

    fixes discord inline embed Fixes Spartan TEST debug
  2. Added AAC & Fiona support!

    Added Fiona & AAC support

Latest reviews

Works just as described. Dev seems like a nice guy and can even set it up if your using a custom anticheat.
Thanks for this wonderful review!
Works like a charm. Thank you OP!



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