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zAuctionHouse (1.7 - 1.15) Auction House plugin

Simple and useful plugin

  1. Maxlego08
    private Auction auction;
    public boolean setupAuction(){
    try {
            RegisteredServiceProvider<Auction> auctionProvider = getServer().getServicesManager()
            if (auctionProvider != null) {
                auction = auctionProvider.getProvider();
        } catch (NoClassDefFoundError e) {
        return (auction != null);
    Config.json: https://pastebin.com/01fvJLhf
    Lang.json: https://pastebin.com/kGK6xpcq

Recent Reviews

  1. Icy_playss
    Version: 1.0.10
    Amazing Plugin! Enough said there works just as hoped and great English support can't suggest this enough!
    1. Maxlego08
      Author's Response
      Merci de cette review ^^
  2. Dofy
    Version: 1.0.0
    A very good plugin,bugless and perfect usefull for all type of server : 3
    1. Maxlego08
      Author's Response
      Merci de cette review ^^