OreConversion - Convert Ores into Blocks with ease! 1.3.6

Convert your ores into blocks by creating a Convert Chest, or by command.
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OreConversion is a plugin which allows users on your server to convert ores they have into blocks with ease! OreConversion can be used across many gamemodes, Skyblock, Factions, etc. Players can create a Conversion Chest by placing a conversion sign on any chest that they wish! Once the conversion sign is created, simply fill the chest with ores and right click! Any ores that are available to be converted, will be turned into their block form. Additionally, players can also use a command to convert ores in their inventory.

Making a Conversion Sign:
Making the sign is very simple, if the player has the permission needed. All a player has to do is place a sign on any chest they want, then on the first line of the sign type their username.
The next line should be <convert>, then hit enter and you have a conversion sign!

/convert - Converts ores in the players inventory to blocks
/ocreload - Reloads OreConversion's config file
/togglesigns - Toggles Conversion Signs on/off
/toggleunconvert - Toggles Unconverting on/off

oreconversion.convert - Allows player access to the /convert command.
oreconversion.sign.create - Allows player to be able to create a conversion sign.
oreconversion.reload - Allows player access to the /ocreload command.
oreconversion.togglesigns - Allows player access to the /togglesigns command.
oreconversion.toggleunconvert - Allows player access to the /toggleunconvert command.

1). There will be no refunds.
2). You may not resell this, nor claim it as your own.
3). You may not redistribute this plugin.
4). You agree to these terms when purchasing.

Proof of Ownership: http://prntscr.com/lrcf6q

Contact me on discord for any questions.
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Latest updates

  1. v1.3.6 - Small Changes

    Version 1.3.6: Changes: - When creating a conversion sign, any contents inside the chest will...
  2. v1.3.5 - Bug Fix

    Version 1.3.5: Changes: - Fixed NPE
  3. v1.3.4 - Prevent Chest Breaking & Use of other chests

    Version 1.3.4: Changes: - Prevent players from opening any conversion chests other than their...

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Good plugin, awesome developer. Listens to what you suggest and adds it really fast. 5 stars for my boy sores
Appreciate it man!
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